Well into June – 6/12/13

Not sure I’ll really be posting anymore on here if there is no ability to post comments.  And I track my eating on SparkPeople and have a Sparkpage there, so  it’s been redundant anyway.

Here’s a brief update. 

I’m once again back within .2 pounds of where I was three weeks ago after a couple weekends where I didn’t track my eating.  I really need to get some routine to my weekends the way I have routine for a good part of my weekdays.  Next week is the last week of the current ww session, and I’ve already signed on for the next session.  Now that I’m familiar with the points and eTools, I hope to really focus harder on establishing more lifestyle changes. 

For exercise, I’m doing a summer special with Jazzercise.  It’s nice going back to classes where my favorite instructor has a franchise.  It’s a bit of a drive compared to the park district facility where I’ve been for a while now, but I needed a change, and this has been like going home, in a good way, lol.  I can tolerate the commute for three months.  I hope to be able to do 3 classes per week. 

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