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Starting Over

lasttrain2paradise on Oct 16th 2010 04:58 pm

Starting over on my blog spot blog. Last Train to Paradise

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When Did It Become OK

lasttrain2paradise on Jul 23rd 2010 09:37 pm Kim Kardashian Forum
When did it become OK and cool to go on a forum and judge which Kardashian sister looks better. I went to my old fashion haunt and ended up in Kim’s forum. Lately Kim’s been on the beach with her sister having fun in bikinis… and instead of talking about the fashion the girls are having a discussion on which has a pretty face or looks better than all the other Kardashians. When I see the Kim and Kourtney I don’t immediately start judging I feel inspired to get up in the morning and put my all into a workout and get the body I want and gain 1/2 the confidence that these girls have to get into a swimsuit.

They called Kourtney face boring…. what!? I wonder what they would say about me or even worse… Themselves.. Cause you better be a goddess to have the balls to call any girl boring in the face. hmp!

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Old Habits… Get out!

lasttrain2paradise on Jul 19th 2010 07:53 pm

Killing old habits is easier said than done. My habits are mostly bad habits; Not deadly (ie: smoking, drinking, drugs) but they are bad none the less.  I have a problem motivating myself and living life every single day. Some days are good and other are totally wasted.  Sometimes I‘ll do chores and sometime (days) I won’t.  You can probably call it pure laziness but I think it’s more.  More like lack of motivation and sub-conscious fear of change. Like getting up and emptying the dishwasher is going to kill me or getting my booty out of bed and getting my workout in. <<Even writing that last sentence made me antsy.

What is that? Where did it come from?

And then I look over at my mom…. And think about my dad…. Dang dang dang.  It’s really true.. we do turn out like our parents.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can change.  I can change me and all my less than desirable habits.

I’ve already started.  Prior to the last 2 months I’ve never had a come down/night time routine.  It’s basically something(s) I do to signal my body that It’s time for bed and relax myself.  Normally after a nice/rough night I would come home with snacks, eat, and then go to bed.  Completely self-destructive right?  Yep, there’s noting better than serotonin boosting snacks after a fun night (where I spent maybe ½ of it feeling bad about the way I look).  Don’t get me wrong I always have fun with my friends but it really sucks sometime being the biggest girl.

Anyway back to my night time routine.. 15-30 mins of tidying my room, floss, brush teeth, cleanse skin, and moisturize.  I have no clue why or how it works but the third time I did it I was hooked.  If I’m really sleepy and want to call it a night my first response is to go floss my teeth.

So habits can be changed, I’ve already proven it to myself that I can do it. Now all I have to do is… do it. This would probably require me to set up some type of an alarm that reminds me to do certain tasks. Night! Off to floss :).

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Social Issues and Re-defining Fullness

lasttrain2paradise on Jun 5th 2010 11:16 pm

post 6I’ve been having different emotional high and lows. Being a girl can sometimes be so annoying and even though I’m a big believer and appreciating everything that I have and everything that’s right with me I can sometimes get caught up in my own self-fish and negative thoughts.

Today was a little rough for me (emotionally) because I had major hair issues. I had an idea for my hair and what my hair would be like and it just did not work out right. I was so frustrated and had to literally take a nap to recharge my brain and start over fresh.

It’s totally fixed now but I realized after my nap and later on that night that it was totally necessary for me to understand and discover how to deal w/ my different hair issues. Another “revelation” is that things happen for a reason (as cliché as that may sound) good or bad they are there to teach you and at times show you how great you had/have something.

Now on to the good stuff… Diet: I’m up to “Re-defining Fullness” in the Beck’s book and it’s basically an exercise that made me realize that I was eating too much food. My idea of how much food I need was distorted and I’ve cut back on how much food I’m eating at each meal. When I’m cooking I’m focused on max flavor, freshness, and calories. When I’m serve/eat my portions I don’t serve/ eat with my eyes I serve/eat until I feel comfortable and satisfied. I also had another déjà vu experience because the day I read that experiment I also got a magazine “Elle” June ’10 (The Body Issue) and inside contained an article on eating to satisfaction.

The article gives a good example of a scale of -10 through 10. “…in which -10 is starving, 0 is neutral, and 10 is stuffed.” So not only did I do the section and find its one of the top or most important lessons in the book, I also got the idea ingrained in my head because of the article. Now this evening or last night (check the date of this posting) I had a nice chicken sammich and there was a lot of bread left over (you know how dinner give you huge burger rolls smh) my friend was actually surprised that I was full because to him I didn’t eat a lot of food. But because I changed my definition of full (and drank a good amount of water) I didn’t need a lot of food to get satisfied. So if I’m going to ever give diet advice it would be.. eat and live to satisfaction.

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lasttrain2paradise on May 25th 2010 05:07 pm

So this is long overdue.

last 3 weeks I’ve been eating less worth the Beck diet solution and continued
with eating whatever I wanted along as it was relatively healthy.

Also I worked out
hard 4 times a week; 2 times for 2 hours and the other 2 was for 1 hour.


Current weight: 185!

I also for the week
that passed kept track of my calories and food I ate. You’ll probably notice I have a good amount
of variety in my diet and my breakfast staple for when I’m in school is Snicker
doodle Oatmeal from greenway. I had that also everyday with berries. 😀

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Lil Pink Miracle

lasttrain2paradise on May 15th 2010 11:07 pm

I officially know that I’m a food addict.  All day Saturday I was feeling the effects of withdrawal and all I wanted to do after breakfast was eat eat eat even though I wasn’t hungry.  Thankfully I was able to hold out and drank some tea to help the process; it is truly mind and eye opening.  I haven’t change my menu much just started to listen to my body and only eat when I’m hungry.  True hunger.  Stomach growling and all. I didn’t realize I’ve been damaging myself all this time by eating just to eat.
I’m so thankful for this book “Becks Diet Solution” because It really made me realize that though I’ve heard this information before and rejected it, it’s actually what I needed all along.  I have been rejecting it for a long time and not letting it sink in that this is how people who have to work a little to stay thin eat because I didn’t understand how it worked; I also spent too much time thinking it wasn’t fair that I had to struggle while others ate whatever they wanted.
LizYArtur explained some of how she stays on track and I rejected just about every idea that she put out there.  Was it ignorance? Possibly.  Naivety?  Most likely.  But I’m glad I’m enlightened because this is the person I want to be: I want balance and I want to enjoy life and only eat when I’m hungry.
I’m also taking very good note on how I feel when I eat and when I’m full; also how much food I should really be eating (much less than I’ve ever eaten before.  I hate being uncomfortably full now and is a reminder that I’ve probably eaten more than I should have and I should be more aware next time.
Another thing that I learned was there IS A difference between people who are naturally tiny and those who have to do a little work to stay healthy. Also that it’s definitely a learned behavior from parents or close guardian/peers.  I didn’t have anyone like that around me (who balanced), my friends and family were either naturally thin or “naturally fat” and sometimes there was the occasional yo-yo dieter (but they never kept the weight off).
So even though I had major fatigue and slight depression because of my withdrawal from going from eating what I wanted when I wanted to only eating when I am hungry, I feel truly blessed to have found this.

Most importantly I’m super proud of myself because I’ve finally got in the 180’s since starting this change after approximately 6 days. I was running in the 195 for a while now and I’m approximately 188 right now 🙂

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I Havent Stepped Into A Libary in … Many Years

lasttrain2paradise on May 12th 2010 08:21 pm

post 4

Is it possible to live with food not against it when dieting or calorie counting?
This is a question that I really want an answer to and I also believe that it is subjective and depends on a person’s dependency on food and their severity of emotional eating.
So I will conduct an experiment on myself by allowing myself to implement certain rules for meals and adding that I can eat whatever I want when I’m hungry…. Keyword: hungry.
Also because of my past experience with psychology in school I’m very excited to have found out about the book “The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person” from the 3fatchicks forum. I’ve recently begin to explore training my brain to do a couple of different things, such as tapping into my photographic memory, retraining my eyes to be less dependent on glasses, and learning different languages through Rosetta Stone.
I’ve never been more excited to go to my library!
Update: I wrote the above 3 days ago and just didn’t have the time to post it because of school. The book is my savior and has made me realize what was missing all along in my quest to slim down.

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Highs and Lows

lasttrain2paradise on May 4th 2010 08:27 pm

Post 3

The highs and lows of weight loss can be so annoying. I’m very “gun-hoo” about changing my lifestyle and developing balance in my life. So much so that if I make the slightest mistake I feel the weight of depression bear down on me.  Only after my cycle class today, which I did very well in, did it lift its heavy finger off of me and I was back in “happy to be alive” land.

I was on the 3fat chick’s forum yesterday and the subject of one of the post I read was about Jillian Michael new show on NBC. I noticed that some of the ladies do not enjoy Jillian’s reverse psychology methods; one of the posters expressed that she sort of found it embarrassing.

I’m alil confuzzled why doing the inner work and being pushed to do the inner work is embarrassing or annoying to watch.  Food is very similar to drugs and many people like me use it to numb some sort of pain or frustration of the past or present.  So many times we see people go from one extreme to another and then end up gaining back the weight.

I’m certainly a work in progress and literally have to slowly add certain “trigger” foods back in my life.  I recently conquered ice cream. I can easily have ice cream or frozen yogurt in the house and make it last.   When it comes to granola bars…. They are off limit. A huge no no no! lol.

Exercise wise I’m really proud of myself, Sat- walking in the park with mum, Sun- Cycle class and shopping in the city, Mon- H.I.I.T. on the treadmill for 15 mins and Killian.. I mean Jillian’s Power Yoga, Today- Cycle class.

Now all this exercise that I’m doing has to be joined with a good diet or it would kind of be a bit of a waste. Not a total waste but I don’t want to spend a year losing 45 lbs. So I’m going to do my very best to watch them calories and be much more aware of what and when I’m eating.

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Sunday Wrap Up

lasttrain2paradise on May 4th 2010 12:57 am

post 2

Yesterday was a wonderful and super packed day.  I woke up hit my cycle class at 10, dragged myself to the supermarket to buy a couple of key items, then later on I went to the city to see a Valentino exhibit, and did some major cleaning when I came home.

The cycle class definitely trained me in diligence because I was totally drained after 40 minutes of the hour class; but I kept going because my pride won’t let me leave. lol But I’m glad I’m did because I saw my wonderful cousin for the first time in 2 yrs and she’s inspiring. I defiantly feel like my life is going in the right direction after our trip to the city.

As far as my diet, I made the mistake of not eating until after I came back from the supermarket because I felt super bloated because of pms.. tmi? J.. But my body was not happy. I haven’t miss breakfast in years and the rest of the day I was btwn maybe having a headache or maybe not. I think its called aura.

So the lesson from Yesterday which (I’ve always known and followed) is eat breakfast every day before you even think about tackling anything!

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