July 7th…I lost 3 pounds…

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since I started writing this blog.I am so happy!!!! I know it only 3 but it more then I lost before. I going to try to keep this up. Ever day I going to write, work has been hard, but it might help…More on the 8th.

July 1st…Night time

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Happy Canada Day!!!  I hope everyone is having a great day. My day was so good. I did not write last night, I went out…I did a nice walk. And then can home…And fall asleep. Today I had a tuna sub, it was so good. And then jumped rope for 10 mins. 2night.

Hope everyone is doing good. I will write more later!!! Hugs to all!!!

June 29th…Bedtime

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Today was a great day!!! I could not believe it.  I was so good. Yes I was at work, and I had a whole wheat turkey sub, with one piece of cheese, and onions, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers and cucks. I only ate like 3inches of it again, and drank H20…Lots

Did a lot of walking 2night. I was shopping. So not that much…Did walk up the stairs and did jump rope for 10 min. It supper fun. When in the food store 2night i was a book, The title was something like lose weight like kids do…So I flipped to see what it said.  Jump rope ride bikes and play outside were some of the things.

Hope Everyone had a good Day!!! I did and Tomorrow will be just as good, if not better!!  Night all

June 28th…Evening

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Today was a great day!!! I enjoyed the day so much, I treated myself to a chocolate chip cookie.  And I stopped at one!!! I was so happy!! I also jumped rope for 5 minutes 2day! It took a lot of work, to do, but I did it. So I did something different…Wonder how I am going to feel in the morning. I need to be at work for 6am, so I will not have time to worry about it.

For Breakfast 2day I had a apple and glass of milk. It was 2% milk, but it was so good. I think I did good, for the morning.  For lunch I had a tuna sandwich, on whole wheat bread. It was a 6 inch sub, but only ate 3 inch of it. Drank Lots of H20. It was so hot that it was the only thing was taking away.  For dinner 2 night I had a salads. It was so good. I put strawberries on it and blackberries. My Dear Husband even tried it and said it was good. So he had some with his baked chicken. I passed on the chicken as it was going to be after 6pm, when we finished eating. And I did not know if I would have worked it off or not.

I hope everyone is doing will, and enjoying life…I sure am!!!

June 27th…Almost sleep time

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Well today was a great day!!! I got another diet book.  It is The UltraSimple Diet. It looks so good. I read some all ready. I going to try it. I think this one is going to work. I want it to work.

Long drive home, but was good. Did not snack on bad food. Had my H2O 2day!! It made the drive home good.  Just relaxing, and getting ready for bed.  I am going to buy a skipping room and skip for a bit each day in the workout room. Maybe a hoopla hoop. Could help the mid-section…that the area I need to work on.

June 26…Almost Bed time…

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Today is a very good day!!! I really enjoyed today.  I went out to lunch with my Dear Husband and Father-in-law. I have drank so much water 2 day that I feel, like a fish. I really need it. lunch was good, I stopped eating, when I first felt full. I was happy. I also just took the rest home. Then went to Bass Pro, to walk around, and then home. Did not snack at all. had another water.

Went to Dinner with friends, as we leave to come home, on Sunday. I was sort of bad. I had pasta, but only had about half of the plate. It was so good. I was happy and had a water. we came back to our friends house and now I had a diet pop.  Can’t wait to go home and see my cats!!! More later!!!

June 26th…Good Morning!!!

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As the tittle says, Good Morning!!! In my mind I was so good last night. Yes I had food at the festival. Yes I had a drink. That was it. That is all I had. I thing to eat and one thing to drink. Every time I was ofter something, I was no thanks, and no other questions. Saw lots of people that I know, and I think that was a big help. Did not want to eat in from of them.

Drank like 6 bottles of water when I was there. And it was hot. up early because I need another glass of water. Going to have breakfast soon. Just don’t know what yet.

Don’t know what the day will bring, but I bet I will be doing LOTS of walking…maybe we will go to the zoo.

I want everyone that reads this to have a GREAT day!!!

June 25th afternoon…

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I was so glad to find out that IHOP has a simple and fit menu! It is under 600 calories! And breakfast and lunch tips to reduce calories!!

I had 2 eggs, whole wheat toast, turkey bacon and hash browns another water and coffee x 2. Coffee had equal in in and was so sweet that I had to put water into it. It was still good. I finished  the eggs and only 2 of the 4 toast and the bacon. Some of the hash browns. Most were left because some of it was burned!!

Then to work some of it off we walked around Mejers, and Mirco center. I feel good. I know I am watching what I am eating. And while i was out I made some rules for myself…I going to try to follow them so hard.

1) when I am doing crafts, NO food in that area. Only pain water.

2) And I am going to make dinner menus. No more guessing, and No more take out.

Those are the only ones I know I will keep to right  now.

I going out to a festival tonight. It a Greek one!!! So now another hard time will  be coming up. I get to see old friends and enjoy the time with them. I hope that takes my mind off all the good food!  More later!

June 25th

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Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I said that before, but now I mean it. I saw a picture of me from last weekend, and never again. That was the final time.

Today I joined, to learn about myself, and thought this would be a great tool. I always on the computer and this way I can account for my food, and answer questions, on feedback.

A little about myself. I work full time, I manage a Subway. I eat there almost everyday. I love to do crafts. My crafts include cooking (ask me to make a small dinner and a family of 5 can eat) cross stitching, and Jewelry making.

So far 2day I have had my 3 glasses of water so far and an apple. I still tired from the trip I took last night.  My DH and FIL are going to take me out and have breakfast. They want to go to IHOP. Of course they would it my favorite place in the world. Were else can you get chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast?? And not feel bad about them, because your making others happy with a visit?

Well I am off. I need to start my day. I going to use this to report more often. I have lots of plans, let see if I could do even one of them.