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Vacation January 19, 2012

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So this week I’m on vacation. I haven’t been doing really bad but I haven’t been good either. I was happy that this vacation came almost right after Hilary and I started on this path again. This way if I am not undoing all of my hard work or feeling like I can’t have fun on vacation. I am spending the week with my best friend and her 2 kids while her husband is away for work. We have been having fun just staying home and hanging out. That has been good for my wallet as well as my waistline. We have been cooking every night and I have been doing good with my portion size. I have also been thinking a lot about how I want to go about things when I get home. Hilary has been counting calories and I think that is the way I am going to go as well. I just need to figure out what is the best way for me to do it. I think that I will try the same way Hilary does with not writing everything down but instead try to hit a calorie intake amount for each meal with a little left over for a couple of snacks. Now I just have to find out what those calorie amounts should be.


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  1. jewlz280 Says:

    I do what I have lovingly started calling 4 Square. I eat 1600 cals per day since 1600 is about the calories I will be eating to maintain my goal weight. I eat 3 400 calorie meals and then two snacks that total 400 (usually right at 200 each). So far, so good. But I have a lot to lose, yet. But I want it to be slow and steady and become a way of eating that I can easily maintain. I only watch each meal and don’t really worry about the days totals as long as that one meal fits. Although, if I do plan on having a higher meal or going out, I try to eat less cals at the other times. But that isn’t often so it works pretty well. So, my suggestion is to find the number of cals you need to eat to maintain your goal weight, cut maybe a couple of hundred off of that, and then divide it pretty equally throughout the day. Good luck! 😀

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