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Here we go again….. January 7, 2012

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So it’s been about 2 years since the last time I was on this blog. When I started thinking about blogging again about dieting, exercise and life in general I really thought about just starting a new blog and not coming back to this one. While reading some back entries I got discouraged about the number of times the entry was about starting over. It seemed like that is all I ever wrote about. My sister, who is on this roller coaster journey with me, reminded me that even though it seemed like we quit or gave up a lot these posts showed that we always started again. So I am going to continue with this same journey and keep telling myself that no matter how many times you fall the only thing that matters is that you get up. So this is me getting up and fighting for myself.

So here’s what you missed in the last couple years of my life. Abbreviated version 🙂
I stopped sitting on my hands and got re-certified as a Pharmacy Technician. Then I was able to get a job at the inpatient pharmacy at one of the largest Hospitals in Michigan. I love my job and it is something I can see myself doing for a long time. I have never had a job in the past where the idea of staying longer than a few years didn’t make me want to die. My sister and I moved out of our small dark apartment and into a townhouse. It definitely feels more like home. We were able to paint and that helped a ton. We also have a washer and dryer now and after 10 years of going to the laundry mat or my Moms that was one of the biggest reasons for the move. Well that and getting out of an apartment that felt more like a dungeon. I don’t know how we lasted there for 6 years. We have been yo-yo dieting usually going between Weight Watchers and nothing. So now I have gained almost all of the weight I had lost, in the year we were really committed, back.

So here is to a new leg of this continuing journey.


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