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New ways to get motivated! November 19, 2009

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So Hilary and i decided that we need some help getting motivated. Here’s what we came up with. We both REALLY love the Twilight series and have been waiting for new Moon to come out. So we decided to use that to just start our weight loss. Because of my hip I don’t usually lose as fast as she does so we decided that we will wait to see New Moon until she loses 10lbs and I lose 6lbs. Now that is some GREAT motivation to get going. We also want to see The Blind Side so instead of a weight goal for that one, losing can be VERY temperamental, we decided that we needed some gym motivation as well so we will go see that after we have both been to the gym 20 times and have done at least a 30 min work out. We used to reward ourselves with food, idiots, but that obviously didn’t work. We both really like to go to the movies but don’t go that often so I think making it a reward for hard work will make it that much better.  Come on 6lbs, I REALLY want to see that movie.  🙂



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