Monday Madness

BF total: 370

1 ww tortilla (120)

1 oz. grated cheddar (100)

13 blueberries (20)

4 oz greek yogurt (130)

18 oz water


1/2 c. blueberries (40)

1 strawberry (20)

grapes (45)

1 slice cheddar cheese (90)

2 slices ham (240)

S: cupcake (200) DANGIT!! Will this birthday ever end!?

D: 1.5 bean and cheese burritos (400)

TOTAL: 1405

WOD: Row 1200M, Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1RM



Mopped rubber floor!!! Ouch!

Weighed today – 179.2 after I had eaten breakfast. Woo Hoo!

BMI is 29 at start weight

Today is my sweet little girl’s 3rd birthday! And I’m such a mess I can hardly get excited. Better take my meds and get a good workout – I need to get back to where I was emotionally. Note to self: never skip your meds again!!!!!!!!

My plan for today is to shower, pick up some birthday treats for Kiki, drop her off at the babysitter, head to the gym and do the WOD before I even think about any of the photography work I have to do. I’m hoping it will clear my head and help me organize my thoughts better. So, basically, as soon as I get to work (that’s right – DH and I own a CrossFit gym. WHAT!?)

Then I’ll prioritize my deadlines, considering they are all basically due at the same time. Took on too much, as always.

Then I’ll get to work and cross them off one by one.

This afternoon, I’ll pick up Kiki from the babysitter, drop J off at the baseball game, head back to the gym until RJ gets there and then head back to watch the first game of the season. I will enjoy myself – I refuse not to. It’s a fun day and I really need to remember that!

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