Back at it!

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Hey y’all!

It has been a while, actually almost 3 years later. I have another baby boy so I am up to 2 beautiful baby boys. As the title says I’m back at it again. I’m not happy with the way I look, nor with the way I feel. My joints ache and I have daily migraines. I’m not sure if the migraines can be attributed to the weight, but I wouldn’t doubt it. My husband has been very supportive but is concerned about my health. I want to be healthy and around to watch my babies grow up. I also want to be HAPPY with the way I look. As stated in my previous post I have PCOS which makes it very difficult to lose weight. This is not an excuse it is a medical fact. With all that being said, a change needs to be made and I acknowledge that. My journey is starting over. This is a need, a drastic need at that, not want. I hope I can stick to it. I’m tired of being afraid to go shopping for clothes for fear that nothing will fit. I have so many personal fitness goals that I want to achieve. My schedule is very hectic: full time teacher, full time mother of two, full time wife, part time doctoral student! Wheeeew, I was tired just typing it, imagine living it! No complaints though, except I would love to not HAVE to work.

I am getting with the program starting yesterday. I’ve been doing my research on the best way for me to attack this, given my restraints (time, money, etc.). I’ve decided to jump start my change with some vitamins and supplements to aid. I will begin with taking something to help regulate my insulin with my PCOS. I also purchased a thermogenic called Oxy Pro Elite. I will begin working out again, at least 3 days to start with and increase from there. As far as my diet, the best thing that worked for me was Weight Watchers because it allowed me to be realistic in my eating habits. The diets that restrict me from what I love never work. Weight Watchers allows you to eat but to do in moderation, which I believe is the key!

Anyway, I feel like I am rambling but I needed it. I will keep you updated!!!!


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Slowly but surely these pounds are coming off. I am working my butt of literally.

Before I was out for the summer, I was able to MAYBE workout once a week, twice if I am lucky. Since last Saturday, May 29, I was able to work out 5 times that week which resulted in a 4 pound weight loss. I had been maintaining and hit a weightloss wall for the month of May so to see loss was exhilarating for me YAY!!!! SO clearly the key is Exercise!!!! I actually felt guilty that I didn’t get to workout yesterday. I am taking today off and will be back in the saddle tomorrow. I am so sore, my eyelashes even hurt at one time and my CHEEKS (the lower region) were on fire!!! No pain/no gain (or loss in my case). I have a bit more on my plate  this week but the satisfaction of pushing myself to workout and sweat is undeniable. I am noticing some change in my body, if even it is minimal, it is change in the direction that I am comfortable with.  I am able to work out the stress that I am currently having in my life and being rewarded greatly for it. That’s all for now. Just wanted to share since it has been a while since I posted something. Please pray that my motivation stays high and my progress continues.

So this morning started off a bit sluggish when I had get up for church (haven’t been since before my sweet baby boy was born) because I was on this friggin’ site. This may become my new addiction. I guess it is better than food!?!?!?!?!?!  I got up

Anywho, I got up, got ready for church, took the phen and other vitamins, toook some pictures for this blog and FB and went to church. At church I enjoyed myself because I truly was fed spirtually. After that I went to breakfast with my hubby and got a small chicken biscuit (southern thing) and a small orange juice. I know what you are thinking, “Tsk Tsk Tsk and giving me the proverbial head shake of disapproval” but that is how I keep gaining weight is going on these crash diets and then when I get back to reality, I binge and blow up. Nope, not this time. This time it is all about PORTION CONTROL.  It is all about moderation and if I want it (within reason) I can have it. Sooooooo…..I had half of the chicken biscuit and half of the small O.J.

So I got home from church and lounged before my FIL brought my baby home from their weekend visit. Ohhhh, how I’ve missed him. I think that also contributed to me being unable to sleep last night. I told myself, either the gym or the Nintendo Wii. I ALMOST talked myself out of Wii and into my obnoxiously comfortable bed. ALMOST people ALMOST!!! I changed my clothes into my workout clothes and went upstairs (my house has the master on main) and went to my husband’s playroom that has all of the video games and I proceeded to Wii until I was actually sweating. I did about 15 min step, I bowled, I ran for about 20, and I hula hooped. So I spent about 55 minutes excercising. It may not have been the traditional form of excercising but excercising nonetheless. I am super proud of myself. I am on the road to recovery.

I have to go get ready for traditional weekly Sunday Night Dinner with my parents, sisters, and their significant others. On the menu tonight is a wonderful salad, chicken parmesean, and spaghetti. Tonight I will focus on my Portion Control and I will not let my eyes dictate whether I am full.


Ohh, I took time to post pictures =)

Happy Sunday everyone!!!




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Okay ladies, I am new to 3FC but I am very excited. Already, I spend hours on here looking at every one’s lives, struggles, journey with this weight loss and I am MOTIVATED.
I have been hearing about this ZUMBA dance class/workout session since I had my baby in October 2009. I avoided it because I am STILL scarred from Tai-Bo fad (circa 1999) that I won’t even take a kick-boxing class . I did an hour of salsa dancing at my local Mexico Lindo and I lost major poundage (not sure if that is a word) and it gave my body the boost that it needed to get into action for shedding pounds. For weeks now, I noticed the pounds coming off slowly with watching how I eat but when I added MOVEMENT in my life, I am seeing better results and I LOVE IT!!!!. I looked at a blog that mentioned ZUMBA and how much fun it was. I did my research and signed up for my first ZUMBA class on April 17, 2010. Hopefully I will LOVE it and STICK to it even with the time restraints of having an infant.
I will keep you all posted about it. So excited about it!

My Journey

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Starting Off (AGAIN) 237LBS

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Hello World!!!
So this is the only way that I feel comfortable expressing myself and my journey with this weight loss thing. As a teenager, I was always active and into sports, primarily cheerleading (which IS A SPORT) which always kept me relatively thin and svelte. I hurt my knee and had to have surgery in  June of 1996 and that was the beginning of my weight issues and the end of my high metabolism. Since then, life has happened. I have yo-yoed up and down with weight and I ALMOST got to my high school weight (pre-surgery) in college by working out religiously (7 days a week) but then I met my huband, then boyfriend, and fell in love. So you KNOW how the rest of that story goes. I fell in love and got comfortable. It was so easy to do because he loved me unconditionally, no matter what my size was. Plus life was so simple then…no bills, just college and nothing but time.

 Fast forward  4 years, I got married in 2006. I actually LIKED myself and how I looked when I got married and then ALL OF A SUDDEN the LOVE pounds crept up on me like a thief in the night. I’m talking about gaining 20-30 lbs in 3 months. I was in denial until I went to buy new clothes and NOTHING fit. I wondered if the mirrors in my house were broken because I didn’t look bigger when I saw myself. I actually saw myself as my thin self (totally opposite of an anorexic-bulimic) but I wasn’t I was FAT. There were many times when I broke down crying in department stores because I was in disbelief that I had let myself get this bad. I avoided cameras/pictures/mirrors because of my double chins and rolls on my stomach. Something had to give!!!! Despite how I looked, I still wanted to get pregnant and have a baby. I was deathly afraid of being a whale while I was pregnant.

I went to see my gyno in  March 2008 and told her how I had gotten off of the pill in Aug 2007 and I still hadn’t conceived. I also talked to her about my missed periods as well as my rapid weight gain. She ran a battery of tests and I was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome) and Fibroids which contributed to my excess weight gain.  I had surgery to remove my fibroids in August 2008 and was put back on the pill for a few months. I got pregnant in January 2009 (YAY).

When I got pregnant, I was a whopping 250 LBS. WHEWWWWW!!!!  I lost weight the first trimester and only gained 15 pounds the whole pregnancy. When I delivered, I was 263 lbs. I had complications after the delivery by having a blood infection from the C-section. Two weeks after I delivered the baby, I was 229 lbs. I know what you are thinking, WOW, right?!?!?!? Well, I knew that I lost all the weight by not eating because I was sick from the infection so i knew that once I was better and started to eat, the weight would come back with a vengeance. And I was right, fast forward 15 weeks and I look at myself and I am disgusted again. Breaking down in department stores and all. I know I just had a baby in October 2009 but I am living in my own personal hell.

I went to see a Bariatric Doctor that counsels on weightless and has a weight loss program which includes  B-12 injections, Appetite Suppressants, Meal plans, weekly weigh-ins, etc. I started this program in March 2010 weighing in at 249.8 lbs. As of today, April 8, 2010 I am 237 lbs. Thank God for SMALL MIRACLES.

So welcome to my world and my journey. My goal weight range is 150-160 so I have some work to do. I know it will not come over night, and I don’t want it to but I pray that I meet my goal so that I will feel good about myself again and see myself as beautiful as everyone else says they see me.

Wish me luck