Kids Return

Joe Hisaishi – “Kids Return”

^ Please take five minutes out of your day and listen to this beautiful piece!  I am in the process of learning the string parts, which will be arranged as a violin/acoustic guitar duet with my boyfriend.  We’ll be playing it at a Japan disaster relief charity concert in June.  I have never played music with him before and I am super nervous, but as with everything else he’ll probably make me feel comfortable and confident.  🙂

I have been doing very well this week; keeping calories under 1500 for the most part and exercising faithfully when I can.  I have noticed some symptoms of low blood pressure popping up, namely feeling lethargic and light-headed with a foggy mind.  At the office health check on Tuesday, the doctor noticed my low BP (89/54 in the morning after coffee) and suggested I eat more salt.  It’s weird to be consciously trying to get more sodium in my diet when the rest of the world is trying to cut down! 

Since Monday, my weight has dropped nearly 4 kilograms, and I definitely notice it.  Bloat and fat alike seem to be running for the hills.  I was back down to 59 kg/130 lb this morning. which is my lowest weight since March 18 (I remember because my mom arrived in Japan that day). 

I’m not sure what “goal” is or whatever, but right now I feel like I could keep doing this indefinitely.  Despite food-trigger-landmines peppering the landscape of my future (farewell dinners!  work enkais!  buffets!  party weekends!  vacations!), my confidence in my ability to control myself is fairly high.  Vanity plays a big part – I want to look as good as possible for my new life.  The current plan is to move to Texas, where everything is bigger – I don’t want to fit in to that stereotype!

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  1. The music is just beautiful. I love it! Thank you for posting that. Congrats on sticking to your plan! You can keep it up. 😀 My hubby is from TX (and his family) and one of my best friends lives there — it is definitely bigger! But I think depending on where you live you might really like it.

  2. I <3 <3 <3 Joe Hisaishi!! Congrats on the weight loss =D. Glad you’re feeling happier and more confident.

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