Excellent/Children and Athletes

Yesterday as part of my contribution to relief efforts I went to a blood drive and donated my AB+ blood, which apparently is in great demand in Japan since it is the least common blood type here.  When I got my vitals taken, I was thrilled to see that my blood pressure has gone way down since my last health check, which was I believe in June or July of 2010.  At that time I weighed 143 lbs, about two months into my weight loss; I’d started jogging with C25k but hadn’t yet quit smoking.  As of yesterday, my blood pressure was 95/70.  I went home and plugged those numbers into a chart, and they straddled the line between “Excellent” and “Children/Athletes.”  It’s really nice to see the rewards of healthy lifestyle changes on paper.

I am happy to report that I haven’t binged this week – holding steady and not even tempted, really.  I did have dinner twice on Wednesday, but reunions with girlfriends happen, and second dinner consisted of green tea soba noodles and monstrously expensive sashimi that the chef gave us for free.  IF-style eating is working great and I have already lost the weight I gained during my near-week of binging.  I started the week at 136.5 (ew) and today I was 130.

Have been frantically checking flight tracker websites for updates on my mom’s progress.  She landed in Tokyo at 1:50 pm, about half an hour ago.  There she will pick up her rental cell phone and wait a few hours before flying to Fukuoka tonight.  I’m leaving directly from work to go into the city and kill some time before picking her up at the airport.  I’ve missed her dearly; we make excellent travel companions and tend to eat tiny lunches when we travel together. 

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