Eggplant Haiku

January 30th, 2012

The downside of being a vegan for more than half a decade is I’ve started anthropomorphasizing  vegetables.

An eggplant is eerily reminiscent of a human fetus in shape and density. And i have eaten two in the last couple of days. What does that say about me as a human being, a mother  and a Jew?  Hopefully, nothing. This perception of mine is meaningless drivel. Maybe my brain is reacting to the lack of alcohol to which it has become accustomed.

The young eggplant screams

As his skin is peeled away.

Dinner anyone?

let me kiss your skin

so smooth and delicate, like

a newborn eggplant.

okay that’s enough nonsense for now. Perhaps I am playing with being remorseful over eating an eggplant because I am suppressing the knowledge of another more heinous sin.

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