Little tip :)

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Hey everyone 🙂 today I found a really good app called myfitnesspal it’s brilliant, it’s like a huge database of food which allows you to track how many calories your eating and tells you when you have reached your amount for the day, also allows you to log your exercise although it adds the amount youv burned to your eating for the day so watch out for that one! Amazing! Cannot recommend enough!!
Kerry x

Just saying hello..

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Hey everyone, my names Kerry I’m 21 and I’m a beauty school student and part time bar maid. I’m fairly new to the world of blogging etc so bare with me 🙂 As my blog title suggests I’m currently attempting to attack (and beat into submission!!) the excess fat plaguing my body (oh how dramatic!) and life! I’ll just give you a quick rundown of the stats I’m 21 (as I said) my starting weight was 16st 11lbs(235lbs) and my current weight is 16st 7lbs (231lbs) jeez it sounds so horrible saying it out loud!! My long term goal weight is 10st 7lbs (147lbs) and my mini goal weight is to be 13st 7lb (189lbs) for my best friends wedding (that’s a film. Isn’t it!?) in December in which I have the great honour of being bridesmade! So anyway guys I’m thinking I’ll blog my weekly experiences and post progress pictures for every stone and any nifty little tips I pick up along the way! Bye for now,
Kerry xx
P.s here are my two most recent photos from last week! Bleugh! Hope to never see that size again!!