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Gooooood morning! October 17, 2010

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Heck yes- down to 189 this morning! Feels so good to be back in the 180’s. (Who am I? Did I just say that?)

Just made a smoothie again but swapped out the sliced almonds (I’m out) for papaya for the same amount of carbs. Off to get my cardio on, then some coffee and football! I love Fall in Michigan…


Smoothie (17 carbs)
Coffee with half & half (1 carb)
100 calorie cheese pack (0 carbs)
4 ounces grilled chicken (0 carbs)
BBQ sauce (3 carbs)
Ranch dressing (4 carbs)
3 ultra light beers (football game- 9 carbs)
Cheese (1 carb)
Pico de gallo (1 carb)

= 36 carbs

I made the “mistake” of going for a run after the beer. I literally feel like my left eyeball is going to explode out of my head- my head is throbbing. Beer is not a good idea- note to self!


Here a carb, there a carb, everywhere a carb carb… October 16, 2010

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OK! So I haven’t written in a week or so and a lot has happened! Good things, luckily.

I got a little distracted with Weight Watchers and was having a hard time with points in the evening. The only down side to being able to eat whatever you want on a diet is that sometimes it’s hard to stop once you’ve started. For instance, with pizza.

So anyway, starting Tuesday (4 days ago) I decided to watch carbs instead. The first 2 days I tried to stay under 40 grams of carbs each day and did great. The last two days, after some research, I decided to stay under 50-60 each day (not net- I’m including fiber, etc.) and have had terrific results. Since Tuesday, I am down 5 lbs.!

Now I am officially down 9 lbs. total at 190. Definitely a good week, and I feel great! I have been eating mainly leans meats, dairy, vegetables, and some olive oil. I have been making a smoothie in the morning with various ingredients, including a bit of plain yogurt and fruit. I’ve also been having a small serving of fruit as a morning snack… just to get it in there because I’m a firm believer that you can’t be healthy without fruit.

I went to Whole Foods Market this morning and stocked up on produce and chicken. It’s been a great Saturday so far. About to get my hair done!


Coffee with half & half (1 carb)
Smoothie (17 carbs)
-1/4 c. plain yogurt
-1/4 c. unsweeted almond milk
-1/8 c. POM juice
-1/8 c. lemonade flavored Vitamin Water Zero
-1/2 c. spinach
-1/4 c. mixed berries
-1/8 c. chopped almonds

String cheese (0 carbs)
Chicken with poppyseed dressing (6 carbs)

Tuna salad (4 carbs)
Olives (4 carbs)

= 32 carbs total. HMM I might have some almonds in a bit, so add 6 more!



Food 10/8 October 8, 2010

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Had a photo shoot all day for work. Forgot to grab something on my way out the door so tried to improvise with what was available there:

Points Alotted: 26

B: Coffee and cream (1); 1/2 doughtnut (4)
L: Subway veggie sub with light mayo and Swiss cheese (6); Baked Lays (3)
S: 2 chugs of organic Kefir (1)


Fall down 99 times, get up 100!

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So, it’s me again. A lot has changed- that’s for sure. Naturally the one constant in my life is that I’m struggling with weight loss. But, that’s all about to change. I’m really, really ready to do this. I don’t know how often I’ll write and I can’t guarantee it’ll all be positive, but there’s just something about posting my life confessions into the virtual world that moves me. Here goes nothing… 

In 2007 I joined Weight Watchers at 189 lbs. “SICK!” I thought to myself. 189 lbs.? How did I let that happen to me? All through high school and the beginning of college, I floated at about 150 lbs., and even then I thought I was “fat.” Seriously? I’m 5’7″ and full of muscle. SInce when is 150 lbs. fat? Anyway, that’s what I thought. Then- well, you know the story. I started college. I worked retail (aka at a mall) and spent 18 hour chunks of time away from home. Is it realistic for someone in that position to pack 3 square meals to bring with them every morning for the day that lies ahead? Well, no. Is it necessary for that person to instead fill up on Panera bagels and Baja Fresh burritos? UM NO.

And so it went that in college I gained not 15, but 20 lbs. Then I turned 21… which led to a year long bar crawl with friends. That’s where the 189 came into play.

I was miserable. So, I did something about it- I joined Weight Watchers. Over 2 months time, I lost 22 lbs. and got down to 167. I felt amazing. How in the world did I ever feel fat at 150 when all of a sudden 167 felt so amazing? Until… I met my (now) husband. I got comfortable. Well… we got comfortable. Think: 65 lbs. of comfort between us. It was cozy alright. Here’s a little math equation to break it down for you:

Planning a wedding + I got laid off + Started working retail + I’m a stress eater = 32 lbs.

Yes, 32 lbs. Now, if you were paying attention you would realize that put me at 199. Too close for comfort to a number I had always feared. So, I sucked it up and joined WW again 4 weeks or so ago. For the record, I’m down 4 lbs.

But there’s a twist: My husband is on a diet through a local hospital, on which is has lost 32 lbs. in 4 weeks. I know, crazy. It’s low carb and mainly supplements. Naturally, I’ve become an expert on it because that’s what I do. I know sooo much about nutrition, anatomy, the physiology and psychology behind weight loss and health in general. BUT I CAN’T SEEM TO DO IT.

So yeah- 4 lbs. in 4 weeks. I should be proud. I guess I am. At the rate I was going, if I hadn’t have joined WW I would probably be 204 by now. So that says something. But I just can’t help but want this to happen faster, like it has for my husband. He brought up a really good point the other night, though. He is doing this medical diet because he has to. He is on high blood pressure meds and has cholestrol and triglycerides through the roof. He’s still a couple of years away from 30. I, on the other hand, have great cholestrol, BP, etc. so we are in totally different situations.

Speaking of him, he’s amazing. He is very supportive of me in all that I do and I am so thankful for him every day. He works really hard so that we can have a great life. Since last year, we’ve gotten married, bought a new house, and now I have a new (regular hours) job in the field I want to be in. I travel a lot (which has been my downfall these last 4 weeks, I think). Life is good. It’s time to give it my all and reach my goals and dreams.

So, I’m done screwing around and I’m ready to really commit to this. I have to. I’m tired of not having anything to wear that I’m comfortable in and going to the mall to buy new clothes and winding up in tears. No one should live like that. I refuse to do it any longer.

Hello, world. I’m here to take you on!