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Most of my life I have battled depression; it runs in the family but I have good control over it now. I of course have my days when I want to cry forever or not get out of bed. I was afraid this would be the case in the last week as I lost my job and have so much time on my hands. This didnt happen, I have been quite content actually. This could be due to the fact that I have been keeping so busy or because of the healthy eating. When I have more energy, I am in a better mood. Dreary days are particularly hard for me, I can get pretty bitchy but when the sun is out I really shine. Anyways, I think getting the proper nutrition is really helping with this issue.

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Since starting my diet, I have noticed a few things changing on me. My skin is becoming clearer, it has a nice glow to it; I have more energy throughout the day (I used to be tired pretty much all the time, wanting to take naps); my face looks thinner and I dont feel so bloated anymore. Im excited to see the other changes that will happen!

Healthy food can be boring sometimes so I like to experiment. One of my favorite dishes is taco salad, I use romaine lettuce, cook ground turkey with taco seasoning, add salsa as the dressing and a little bit of cheese. Its delish! I also love putting salsa on scrambled eggs and on chicken breast. Tonight I made a Swiss Chalet marinade for my chicken, it was a bit salty but good. Although I like yogurt, sometimes I want a little extra with it; I add a handful of Honey Bunches of Oats to it for a change. When it comes to drinks, I have pomegranate green tea after every meal, one coffee a day and usually a G2. Sometimes I add some Nestle liquid tea to my water, its the best choice because it gives alot of flavor but doesnt have anything artificial in it. I am a woman so of course I crave chocolate from time to time. When this happens I will make a low cal hot chocolate or have one little piece of chocolate. Brussels Sprouts are my favorite veggie right now. I cut them in half, drizzle with olive oil and season with garlic sea salt.

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Well I gained some weight back from my cheat day 🙁 Im not sure if its just my crappy scale though, maybe I will start weighing myself at my parents where they have a professional scale. Just made my breakfast: 1/2 a lemon in a cup of hot water, scrambled eggs and yogurt. I will have a fruit for my snack before lunch. The lemon drink is the worst part of this diet; it is so hard to drink something so sour first thing in the morning. It gives me full body shivers!

Maybe I will workout today if the mood strikes me. Ive got alot of spring cleaning to finish around here so that could count as my workout right?

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Hello Everyone! My name is Katrina and I am an overweight 27 year old woman. I have been overweight for my entire life and have tried numerous times to do something about it. Some attempts have been sucessful, like the diet I got out of a trash magazine that I did one summer before university. I lost 40 pounds that summer but as soon as I went away to school it was back to my old habits. Since then Ive lost 20 pounds here and there and gained them back. When I started a diet this week, I was only 12 pounds away from my all time highest weight. Looking back at my past self, I want to kick her ass and tell her to keep going until all the weight was lost. But here I am, making another attempt at it.

The diet I started is the 17 Day Diet, a diet I have tried and had sucess with in the past. My whole family went on it a couple years ago and we all did well, my father lost about 60 pounds. I enjoy this diet because you dont feel hungry on it, its simple to follow, the food is satisfying and there are some great recipes out there for it. I have stuck to the diet for the most part until today, I had a cheat day. When weighing myself this morning I was down 5 pounds, hope I did put some back on with this cheat day. It wasnt really worth it anyways, I didnt eat my favorite foods or anything. Anyways, I really hope I can stick to it this time and lose the weight. I started this blog because I feel that I need the support for my tough days. Seeing other people achieve their weightloss goals really motivates me as well.

Im looking forward to being a new me! I want to be able to buy fashionable clothing and feel good in them. I want to feel more confident, to know that when people look at me, they arent looking at the fat. I want to be healthier and live longer. I want to have more energy and happiness in my life. I want guys to see me as beautiful inside and out, not just as the girl with the pretty face. I feel determined that it will happen for me this time!

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