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About Me January 7, 2010

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edit 01/21

I made my goal of 135 on December 1. So, I lost 164 lbs. I have maintained for the last two months. I’ve attempted to get below 135 but not very seriously. I think I’m done, but I may try to aim for the 120s. I really want to get stronger, and not necessarily lose more weight. It still feels super weird to know that I am at GOAL. or that I lost over a hundred pounds. But, here I am.

edit 8/14

I am down almost 150 pounds!! I weigh 151. I can’t believe that I am at this weight. I feel great, I feel active, I feel awesome. I look at myself and can’t believe this is me. But, it is.

So this is my blog! It started off as weight loss, but you’ll notice a lot of it is me trying to find myself in life (especially my romantic ventures). Here’s a little info about me: I am 26 years old, and I currently work at a middle school. I want to be a teacher, but I still need a few semesters to get my credential/MA in education.

I started my weight loss journey in 2007, but fell off the wagon big time. I re-started in April/May of 2011. To day, I have lose about 112 pounds (as of February 12, 2012). I think I want my final goal weight to be 149. I’m not really sure. My lowest adult weight was 165 (like 10th grade). I can’t imagine getting below that. But, we’ll see :) If I get to 149, that means I would have lost more than half of me. Pretty unbelievable to think of it that way.

Here’s a link to my post when I lost 100 pounds exactly and also got into onederland:



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