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pics February 26, 2014

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weight: 137 (double argh).

When I was 300 pounds, I never wore a bathing suit. hell, I never felt comfortable wearing shorts or skirts and dresses. This past summer, I really went out of my comfort zone and decided to wear these clothes. I’ve seen many bigger women wear shorts and dresses and look absolutely beautiful, but I never had the confidence. now that I am smaller, i still don’t have that much confidence, but it’s something that i am really working hard on. I’ve written before how hard it is to see myself as this smaller person–heck as a SMALL person. someone called me little the other day, but my mind can’t accept those descriptions of my body because i was bigger for so long. I wonder if I will ever truly see myself as small? or normal? I have only been in maintenance for a few months, so may be when I can say I’ve kept the weight off for a few years I’ll be used to this new body? anyway…

I am planning on going on a beach vacation the summer and I am going to have to wear a bathing suit. this is a pic of me in bathing suit last year, and then last night with about a 20 pound difference. I only really see my thighs are smaller, although my torso seems a bit more lean. But in the pic of me sideways, i think you can really see a difference where I have lost my pudginess/roundness. My arm fat is a lot less as well, and that’s a huge problem area for me (it’s why I always wear sleeves. One of the things I really want to do this summer is wear spaghetti straps and sleeveless dresses. My arms don’t look as bad as I thought, but I definitely am hoping to really tone up my legs and arms and may be lost those 5-10 pounds by July when I go on my vacation and I wanted these pics as reference.

I also included a pic of me in a more formal party dress and skirt/blouse combo. I really want to look beautiful when I meet my boyfriend’s family in May and these are some outfits I may wear to a wedding and a graduation. I can’t believe that I am in a serious relationship. For someone who was a hermit when it came to dating a year ago, this is mind boggling.


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