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January 13, 2014

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weight: 138 * (holiday weight!)

I’m at 138. But, I’m not freaking out too much. I know I haven’t been sticking to my calories like I should and I’ve been indulging in some really good food. I’m working on losing these 3 pounds, but I’m not obsessing about it. I’ll be 135 in no time.

I am joining a new challenge on 3fc that focuses more on nutritional and exercise goals versus scale, and I think this will definitely help me in reaching my goal of being the healthiest I can be. I’m excited for 2014. It seems like I will have a great year with new experiences and with a much happier and confident outlook.


I finally started exercising again. I had the back issue a few months ago, and I’ve been putting off hiking and gym for a while because of it. With the new year, I decided to go ahead and start again. I’m going easy, but that’s okay. I went on two hikes last week and went on a nice walk with my bf as well. I also did the first day of Insanity. Insane. I’m hoping to lose body fat and gain muscle. At this point, my weight going lower than 135 isn’t really my priority. I mean, if it lose more weight and get to the 120s, I’ll take it. For my height, 120s is acceptable. But, I’m not going to make it my mission to get there. If it happens it happens. My mission is to look leaner and may be that means I will be gaining pounds in muscle. Time will tell.


My boyfriend has gained some weight in the 6 months that we’ve been dating. A lot of factors contributed to this. He is new to the state (been here 7 months), he moved twice while here, and he’s happy. LOL. He’s just overindulged and he recognizes that. He took the first step this past Sunday. We took an hour walk to the beach. He lives 10 minutes from there, so it’s a convenient exercise for them. I definitely think he can lose weight and I’m really proud of him for making the decision to get healthier. he’s lost 50 pounds before (a few years ago) and even now he has the body of an athlete. He is sturdy, has soccer calves, and his weight gain is all extra tummy. He wants to get a 6 pack again, which apparently he had about 6 years ago. Which got me to thinking. Can I get abs? I’ve been looking online and most people say to get abs, you need to have a low body fat percentage and that it depends on your body type. So I wonder if I become leaner and build more muscle mass, can I get abs? I’m not looking for a 6 pack, but I want some sort of definition on my already flat tummy. My boyfriend wanting to lose weight and get healthy has given me a renewed determination. I’m not looking at the number on the scale, but I definitely want to be leaner.


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