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New Year, New Me. For Real January 6, 2014

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weight: unsure. on vacation but probably around 136-138

I went back on my blog for last years new years resolution. Last year, my goal was to get to goal (at the time that was 149). And I did it. I surpassed it. I am at around 135. This year, I don’t know what my resolutions should be. Every year for the last few years my resolution has been to get healthier and to lose weight, and not this year I am there already. I really don’t need to lose anymore weight. So, my resolution is to get healthy. Healthier. I want to really start doing more weights and running. I want to run a 5k again. Not sure if my back will allow me to do so, but meanwhile I am going to try to strengthen my back my doing Yoga and weights. so instead of resolutions, here are the active things I want to accomplish this year.

1. Skydive.

2. Horseback Ride.

3. Hike bridge to nowhere.

4. be able to do 1 pullup. yes, 1.

5. Zipline.

i actually recently accomplished #2. I went horseback riding and snowboarding! My boyfriend took me on a vacation for NYE and I basically did things I would have never attempted when I was bigger.

I remember looking up horseback riding weight limits when I was bigger, and many places had a cap or extra fee at 230. and as for snowboarding, I just physically wasn’t in shape to really do that. But that’s how I started the new year. It was awesome.

And guess what. I HATED snowboarding. I was terrible. NO coordination what so ever, although it wouldn’ve been worse at a bigger weight (standing up from down position was hard). But, the point is even though snowboarding is not for me, I was able to TRY it, and make that decision in stead of wondering.

Good luck everyone on your new years goals and resolutions. You can do this.


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