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body image October 3, 2013

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weight: 144

I used to look at my body and really dislike what I saw. I had stretchmarks on my tummy. I had a belly and hips and big thighs. Even when I was bigger, I still thought I looked okay with clothes on. But when I looked at myself naked, I wanted to cry. I hate that I couldn’t love myself, because god know I would’ve been a happier person. I couldn’t be big and confident, as much as I tried. I followed fat acceptance blogs, and thought those women were cute and happy and lovely. But, i couldn’t make that happen with me.

Now, I look at my body and I’m happy. Dont’ get me wrong. I am FAR from perfect. I still have big thighs and hips. I definitely still have stretchmarks on my (flat) belly. I have some loose skin. I have areas that I wish I could change. But, I love myself. I love that my body can accomplish all these great things. This is my body, flaws and all. I wish I had that mentality when I was bigger. But, better late than never, right?


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