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Healthy and Happy September 22, 2013

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weight: 146

I went on an AMAZING hike today. I’ve hiked a lot this summer, and I really think that’s why I look so thin (even though I’m still in the 140s). But today’s hike was a killer. It wasn’t just uphill and walking, it was lifting myself up onto rocks, and sliding, and shimmying down trails, and I felt like a badass. LOL. It was about a 5 hour hike total, and pretty strenuous. i went with my uncle and cousins, and we got into this discussion about why I had decided to lose weight. and I honestly answered them… I originally lost weight because I was unhappy with how I looked in some pics I saw at my heaviest. And I thought, I want to look good. Or at least not so dang big. But, now, I can honestly say I kept losing weight because of the way it makes me feel when I do thinks like hike. or run a few miles with my students. Or am able to walk the two flights of stairs to my office with no huffing and puffing. I like the feeling that I am HEALTHY. That’s what I have to remind myself. I want to see the 130s so bad. But, I need to remember that I am doing this to be happy and healthy, and it’s not just about a number on the scale. I’ll get there in my own time. Moments like today make me feel so amazing. It reminds me that I am capable of anything.


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