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SRLA September 10, 2013

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weight: 147

weight is coming off so slowly, even though I’m doing everything right.

I’m at the point where I really just have to accept my body’s gradual loss. I’m not ready to call it yet, but I also need to remind myself that I can and will eventually get into the 130s.

Have I mentioned that I joined SRLA? It’s a club at the school I work at that trains all year to run the LA Marathon. Yesterday we ran 3miles. geezus. I am glad that I’ve been running more often throughout the week on my own, because those 3 miles were brutal but doable. I was pretty proud of myself, especially because I was able to keep up with the top third of the pack. Hell, I would’ve been happy had I just finished it :D

I think I may go and buy my groceries for the week. I’ve been eating out with the boyfriend (although I watch my portions and stay below my calorie limit). I think may be that’s a reason as to why I’m not losing. I need more fresh meals that I cook. Think I’m going to buy me some chicken and a couple of steaks and do my own dinners all week.

147. ugh.


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