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normal BMI August 29, 2013

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weight: 147.8

Well. It happened. I am finally at a normal BMI. I took so long at 152-150, I kind of thought hitting 149 or below would just be whatever. But, no, It was emotional. Overwhelming. I’m no longer overweight. It was a big goal, and I reached it.

next mini goal is to get to another decade (hello 130s!).

I am planning on skydiving when I get to goal, whatever that may be. For now, i want to get to 140 by Halloween. I really want to wear a sexy outfit (hence is why I am part of the sexy by halloween challenge on 3fc’s 20 somethings).

Halloween 2011, I squeezed my size 3x into a Size 1x/2x Gypsy costume at 275 lbs. and, i felt pretty good.  Halloween 2012, I wore the same gypsy costume but I was at 220 lbs. the size 1x/2x fit a lot better and I felt like I looked awesome.

halloween 2013. Hopefully I’ll be at 140. Right now, I fit into smalls and mediums. I kind of want to be a gypsy again, but I have to buy a new outfit for it. I tried on the one from last year, and it hangs on me. I will post those pics when the time comes. I am so excited.


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