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summer is over August 8, 2013

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weight: 151.2

I am almost at goal. 149.5 would put me at a normal BMI. It’s so close. I never thought that I would get to this point. When I first started losing weight, I never thought I could go from 299 pounds to under 200. As I started to lose weight, getting to onderland seemed more and more possible. Then, when I got there, I thought “okay, I can get to 175, and then I’m done”. And I got there. These last 25 were especially hard. I felt like I’ve had to work out harder, be greater. But, I’ve done it.

Even though I told people that I was going to do this (lose weight, and lose big), deep down inside, a part of me didn’t think I could do it. When I started, I couldn’t honestly say I was going to lose 150 pounds. That number was daunting. Terrifying. Unrealistic. I basically have lost half of me. I’ve lost a person.

When is it time to call goal? 90 percent of the people I talk to tell me I should stop losing weight. They say I look great and I should be proud of my accomplishments. But, I’m not sure. I AM proud. But, I’m not sure if this is the weight my body should be at. I really want to invest in getting a body fat measurement done. I just don’t know whether or not this is my goal, if this is my happy weight. BMI-wise, I can be as low as 119. Is my body made for that? Or is it made for 130? 140? 150? I guess time will tell. But, I am happy.

This summer has been awesome. I had about 8 weeks off of work, and I spent it hiking trails, running, being active. I dated ALL summer. Got experience, went out and had a good time. I have a boyfriend, and I’m very happy with him. But, I’d be happy without him too. I’m happy with me.  I put myself out there. I never thought I would be this person. And I love myself more than I ever have before.

Summer is over for me, but my life is just beginning. Hokey, but true :D

here are some recent pics of me. Before: 299 lbs size 20/22. after: 152 size 6/8

before pic


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