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bathing suit June 28, 2013

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I am going to a lake on Sunday and I will wear a bathing suit. Me! I haven’t worn a bathing suit in forever. I would wear long shots and a t-shirt whenever I went to a pool, and that’s if I dared to go into the water because I was embarrassed. I’m still not 100% happy with my body. I will never be abel to wear a bikini comfortably (too many tummy stretchmarks). Hell, I’m not too happy showing my arms. But, whatever, right? I want to go in the lake and feel pretty and have fun. So this is the bathing suit I bought at JCP. Size 6! (lol it’s a bit tight, but they didn’t have a size 8). I also bought some size 8 skirt to pair with it, but that’s because I’m self conscious about my legs. may be next year I can get rid of the skirt.

Please excuse my crazy tan lines. Hopefully this summer of shorts will even me out :D