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bathing suit June 28, 2013

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weight: 159.2

I am going to a lake on Sunday and I will wear a bathing suit. Me! I haven’t worn a bathing suit in forever. I would wear long shots and a t-shirt whenever I went to a pool, and that’s if I dared to go into the water because I was embarrassed. I’m still not 100% happy with my body. I will never be abel to wear a bikini comfortably (too many tummy stretchmarks). Hell, I’m not too happy showing my arms. But, whatever, right? I want to go in the lake and feel pretty and have fun. So this is the bathing suit I bought at JCP. Size 6! (lol it’s a bit tight, but they didn’t have a size 8). I also bought some size 8 skirt to pair with it, but that’s because I’m self conscious about my legs. may be next year I can get rid of the skirt.

Please excuse my crazy tan lines. Hopefully this summer of shorts will even me out :D


backslid for a week June 2, 2013

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weight: 165.2 (which I’m thankful for)

I just finished throwing out two bags of big family size ruffles, nacho cheese, half a cake platter of cheesecake, regular soda and a bunch of other junk. I also got back from my neighborhood market stocked with fresh foods, and have my weekly food planner filled out. Somehow, I just really did not give a f#c* this week. On Monday, we had a bbq (which made me feel like an adult. it’s my first as hostess). and we had leftover food all week (chips, cheesecake). Yesterday, i ate pizza and hot wings. I didn’t necessarily over-over eat. But, i went over my calories, and I am up about 1-2 lbs. I also have not exercised since Monday, although that was because my back really, really hurt. But, I’m re-starting that tomorow, too.I looked at the fridge, and I just threw it all out, Yeah, I’m wasting food, but oh well. I can’t let myself go back. I refuse. It was only one week, and not as bad as it could’ve been. In fact, I’m sure some people would laugh at me and say that my eating habits this week weren’t terrible. But if I want to get to 140, then I can’t continue weeks like this. Here’s to a new week.