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Vegas! May 8, 2013

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weight: 170.8

argh, weight is still the same.

30 day shred: Day 27. I’m almost done. I’ve lost 7 lbs so far, which I don’t feel is a lot. But, I feel like my tummy is flatter and my arms less jiggly…and this could all be mental as I didn’t measure myself :(

Boys: I’ve been on a few more dates a few guys. Very nice boys, but chemistry is a little off with both of them. They both know we are just dating and seeing where it goes (I’m no player or cheater! LOL).

for now I’m pretty happy getting some dating experience. It’s fun. Flirting and joking and learning about someone else is something that I’m not used to, but I like it.

I went to Vegas and had a great time!!! I shopped, ate, and clubbed. I had so much fun with my girls :)

I went in April of 2011 last year, and felt great at 260(after having lost 40 lbs). I felt even better at 170. Here is an update. I love dressing up. I never thought I would wear mini skirts, but that’s what I gravitate toward when I go out to a club. My favorite part about my after picture is….my COLLARBONES!! they’re so clear and pronounced! I love them. I’ll randomly touch my neck during the day in awe. It’s weird.

1st/3rd  pic: April 2011 at 260 pounds. Size 18 pants and a 2x jacket. The dress is 18W in third pic.

2nd/4th pic: May 2012 at 170pounds. Size 10 skirts, and a size 10 bodysuit.