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bets April 22, 2013

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weight: 173.5

My roommate’s boyfriend and I are in a weight loss bet. Whoever loses the most weight loss percentage by August will win $300. I’m really hoping this is the kick in the butt I need to make it closer to goal (140s). He weighs more than me (he’s at 240) and is taller (5′11). I kind of think he is going to beat me. But, I’m going to try my hardest to kick his a5$ :)

I’m on Day 17 of 30DS. only 3 more days and I’ll be on LEVEL 3. Kill me now. I don’t really notice a difference, but I hope that I’m looking leaner. I have gotten a lot of “your stomach is so flat” comments, so may be it’s working?

Dating: ahhhh. I met a kind of cool boy but he is always so BUSY. He works night shifts, and it’s hard to go out because he’s tired during the day. it sucks, because I think we could work. But, unless his shifts change, I don’t see how we will ever find out :( and, I’m not willing to be someones phone buddy if we never see each other…