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30 ds updates April 15, 2013

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weight: 175

date: no Buff man. I had to reschedule. darn unexpectedness that interrupts my plans to see a hot man.

I’m so happy to see 175. I’m solidly halfway out of this decade. I went dancing/drinking on Saturday night and I was sure that my drunkenness would’ve made that number on the scale higher. Thank god I like to dance and this probably offsets any of the Patron shots I take. Apparently, I like clubs now. I like getting ready, and having boys flirt with me and dancing all night long. I had a great time. I didn’t know that that could be me. May be I was always that kind of girl, I just made myself believe I was better than that because I was too self conscious. I’m still self conscious, but I’m better. I’m having fun.

30 day shred. So I finished level one. and I felt pretty badass about it. I was a puffed up peacock. and then, yesterday. LEVEL 2. Day 11. OMG.

I’m dreading doing that workout again today. My thighs are sore. My arms are sore. I thought it was so hard. I was able to complete it, but geeze it was a workout. a very hard workout. I was screaming at my tv “we’re barely on circuit 2? we’re barely doing strength on circuit 1? ” it was not a pretty sight. I can just imagine what level 3 is like. If I make it there!

oh and here is another side by side. I like posting these, cause it reminds me how far i’ve come. Plus, cute outfit right?

These pictures are almost exactly ONE YEAR apart.

the left is me at Vegas last year in March. I think I was about 260 and the Right is on Saturday and I was 176.

Left: dress is 18W from Macys. Right: Skirt is a size 10 from JCP and the top is a medium from target.