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stuck April 8, 2013

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weight: 176.8 (argh)

I feel like a whoosh is coming. God, I hope a whoosh is coming! I feel like I should be at 173-175 because I’ve been on point with my eating and exercise. Heck, I’ve been a machine at the gym! Plus I’m on Day7 of the 30ds. Wow. that sh!t is killing me! I’m actually really afraid to progress to level 2 on Day 11. Like terrified to see what level 2 holds in store for me. I really hope that may be I am losing inches since I do not seem to be losing weight :(

Dating: I haven’t been on any dates since spring break ended. But I hve responded to a couple of boys. There are 2 guys I’m texting.

Guy 1: omg. I have never seen a more FINE man. This boy is legitimately the most beautiful man I have ever seen. he’s super fit. Like muscle man. Like, remember how I was worried that my ex was too fit? This man does not even compare. I would honestly described him as jacked or ripped. right away, through our texts, I told him “you have seen my pics right? I’m not anywhere near you level of fitness” lol. he assured me that he found me attractive, and that he isn’t huge (lol he is!). We are going on on Friday and I am so freaking nervous! He seems like he’s got it together, but I’m not sure if I’m his type. He seems very goal oriented, and like he is really choosy. His okc status has him as “replies selectively”, which is unheard of for guys on okc. They all usually have “replies often”. He told me he doesn’t want to lead girls on, so he only responds or messages girls he feels like he could eventually have a relationship with. I wish i could post his picture. he is way out of my league!! lol

Guy 2: we have been texting for like 2 weeks. which is long, usually guys ask me out right away, and I make them wait like a week of messaging. I find him both attractive and similar to me. He understands my weight loss, because he himself wants to lose 30 pounds from his 6 foot frame. Which, is nothing compared to my 120 lb loss on a 5′5 frame, but still. He understands goals and weight loss and exercise. and we text everyday. But, he hasnt asked me out!! Which makes me think he is just not that into me. Because, if a boy really likes a girl, he will make it happen (courtesy of He’s Just Not That Into You). ehh i dunno. so confused about this one.

okay that’s it. I’m going keep doing 30ds, and I will update all about my progress with it. also will tell you about our Friday date :)


4 Responses to “stuck”

  1. morrigan Says:

    I tried the 30 day shred and it kicked my butt. Good job.

  2. aerobella Says:

    Wow you are awesome to still be doing the 30 day shred seriously. For me it was more like the 3 day shred lol Good luck with your date ;)

  3. savemykissesx Says:

    I tried the 30 day shred, for ONE day, and it kicked my butt, I literally couldn’t walk or sit on the toilet, or anything for the next 2 days — question for you; I may have asked you already.. but I literally thought it wouldn’t be good for me to keep doing it with all the pain I was having in my legs, were you feeling it pretty good and just pushed through the pain? & how are you doing it? are you doing it 10 days in a row, or what?

  4. kisskiss Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, everyone :)
    Savemykisses: I’m taking rest days. So far, I did 4 days in a row and them took a rest day, then started again with day 5,6,7. Today is day 8 and ill take a rest day tomorrow probably. The first and second day were the hardest, but it’s gotten easier :) I wasn’t in like pain pain, though. I was sore and my arms and legs felt like jello, but it wasn’t as bad as you’re describing :(

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