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30 ds April 1, 2013

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weight: 176.8

so the scale is finally moving again, for which I am grateful. I was stuck at 183-185 for so long last month, it’s nice to see the mid 170s so quickly :)

I went to Target and bought the 30 day shred. I’ve been wanting to do this workout forever, but usually make some excuse. But, since it’s the 1st of April, I’m going to try to do this. I need to keep moving and get the scale to move. I took before pics in my undies and spots bras. After a month, i’ll post the after pics. I’m hoping that the 30ds will help me tighten up a little. I also bought some weights. I feel like I’m flabby, and I need to start working on toning up.

So I’ve been out with a couple more boys from okc. basically went out with #4, #5, and #6. lol once I get to 10, I think I may just cancel my okc account, or at least put it on hold. that’s just too many boys lol.

okay so #4. Italian/mexican. lives with his parents, going to school. He was pretty nice, the conversation flowed. We went for dinner and everything was good. Until he started talking about sex. I mean, the conversation was just a little TMI. not vulgar, but not something I would want to hear on first or even second date. and then when he told me that he’s been with 15 girls, that was a dealbreaker. I mean, it just made me uncomfortable that he was discussing that number with me. so he’s out.

#5: Bulgarian boy. Cute. Tall. Accent. works in entertainment industry. we met up for drinks. the first thing that was negative, and it wasn’t his fault, is that he lived in Hollywood. That’s just a little too far for me. It would help if he drove, but he likes the bus system. so basically, he likes to be in that area and not my area. second thing that I didn’t like was personality wise, he was way too positive for me. I don’t think I’m a negative person, but I am realistic. and I understand that I have flaws and that people have flaws. He didn’t. ehhh, I felt bad about that one because he seemed really really nice. Just not for me.

#6: older (32 years old to my 26). Really really tall. White boy. works in retail. okay, we went for coffee and pastries. ummm this one just seemed more like a friend that anything else. No real chemistry. and, he was cross eyed. which is fine, but that was not reflected in his pictures (he always was wearing glasses or at an angle). but, he was super confident. too confident for my tastes, like bordering on arrogant. and he talked a lot about the girls he dated on okc (he told me his last relationship was a girl from okc who he broke up with because she admitted to hving had Sex with 35 guys). umm okay, again TMI. lol.

So I’ve been on Spring Break which is why I’ve been on these dates. if not, I’m sure I just wouldn’t have the time to go out so much. I’m getting better at this online dating though. For example, I’m not as nervous. I feel a little more confident. and, I know how to do the kiss on the cheek versus lips now. LOL.

Like I said, I might just put this online stuff on hold once I go out with a couple more guys. I just am not finding anyone that I can be serious about. It’s funny because all the guys that I’ve been out with have asked me for a second date. So may be I’m just being too picky? May be i’m not ready to date? I have no idea.