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Mini Goal pics (100 pounds lost!) January 12, 2013

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okay so here are my before and after pics. I officially started to decided to lose weight when I went on a road trip in April of 2011. I saw these pics of me at Graceland, the liberty bell, new york’s top of the rock and I was so upset with myself. I was sad that I had let myself get so big. I weighed myself and was shocked that I was 299 pounds. I really couldn’t believe that I had gained so much weight. Well anyway, since then I’ve lost exactly 100 pounds! I still have a good 35-60 pounds more to lose (I haven’t decided what my final goal is). I blurred my face in all the pics and cropped them (lol I still want to maintain some privacy). the first pics are from my road trip at my biggest of 299. The other pics are of last night (I went dancing) and I am 199. In the before pics I was wearing a snug size 22 jeans. The tops ranged from 2x to 3x. In the after I am wearing a size 14 and a size 0x (large I guess).



7 Responses to “Mini Goal pics (100 pounds lost!)”

  1. jgbeme Says:

    WOW u look amazing GREAT JOB- stick with it GL

  2. kisskiss Says:

    thank you so much jgbeme!

  3. troopersma Says:

    Wow! You look AMAZING.

  4. kisskiss Says:

    thanks troopersma!

  5. jackieo1002 Says:

    WOW!!! Big difference. I’m glad your making it. By the way how in the hell do I make my page look all nifty like yours????? My plan Jane account is killing me.

  6. kisskiss Says:

    thanks jackieo :)
    I just use the site admin up at the top right of my page. you can pick a different design, and then under manage you can add pages. lol it took me forever to figure it out. I’m trying to add a ticker to the top of my home page, but I can’t figure out how to do that yet. anyway, thanks again and good luck!

  7. chunkychick321 Says:

    What an inspiration…thanks for sharing.

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