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cupcakeswithlessfrosting.com March 19, 2014

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countdown to 129. March 18, 2014

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weight: 135

midway through the 130s, I’m really hoping to get to 120s. 129. that’s it. I also really want to slim it down. these 4’s I’m wearing feel a little looser, so may be I’m toning up more now that I’m doing Insanity.

I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents at the end of May. 2 months. I really want to make a great impression. I want them to like me so much. I know my boyfriend loves me regardless of what his parent’s think, but I still want their approval. I’ve never met someone’s parents. It’s a big deal, right? I think our plan is to stay in Georgia for about 2 weeks so that I can really get to know his family and friends, and where he grew up. After, we plan on going to a family vacation with my kind (Las Vegas !) and then off to Colorado. So, it’ll be a busy May/June for me. I want to get as close to 129 as possible. If I really go at this hardcore, I can do it.


insanity re-start March 3, 2014

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weight: 136

I started Insanity yesterday (again). I’m not sure if I’m going hardcore on it, though. My boyfriend wants to do T25, and since he’s moving in in mid April (ahhhhhhh!!!), that may be a better choice that I will follow through with. I’m really excited for him to move in with me. He is trying to lose weight, so I know that he will be motivated to work out with me and to eat healthy. But, I’m not just excited because we will hold each other accountable. I’m excited because I love him. I’m in love with him. I have a really good feeling about this, and I know that this is leading into the right direction. We’ve discussed it, and he’s said that he sees marriage and all that good stuff in our future, which is good coming from a guy who never saw himself going there again (he was almost engaged at one point many many years ago). I feel like I will be having some great experiences in the future, and I am beyond excited to experience them with him. :D


New Year, New Me. For Real January 6, 2014

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weight: unsure. on vacation but probably around 136-138

I went back on my blog for last years new years resolution. Last year, my goal was to get to goal (at the time that was 149). And I did it. I surpassed it. I am at around 135. This year, I don’t know what my resolutions should be. Every year for the last few years my resolution has been to get healthier and to lose weight, and not this year I am there already. I really don’t need to lose anymore weight. So, my resolution is to get healthy. Healthier. I want to really start doing more weights and running. I want to run a 5k again. Not sure if my back will allow me to do so, but meanwhile I am going to try to strengthen my back my doing Yoga and weights. so instead of resolutions, here are the active things I want to accomplish this year.

1. Skydive.

2. Horseback Ride.

3. Hike bridge to nowhere.

4. be able to do 1 pullup. yes, 1.

5. Zipline.

i actually recently accomplished #2. I went horseback riding and snowboarding! My boyfriend took me on a vacation for NYE and I basically did things I would have never attempted when I was bigger.

I remember looking up horseback riding weight limits when I was bigger, and many places had a cap or extra fee at 230. and as for snowboarding, I just physically wasn’t in shape to really do that. But that’s how I started the new year. It was awesome.

And guess what. I HATED snowboarding. I was terrible. NO coordination what so ever, although it wouldn’ve been worse at a bigger weight (standing up from down position was hard). But, the point is even though snowboarding is not for me, I was able to TRY it, and make that decision in stead of wondering.

Good luck everyone on your new years goals and resolutions. You can do this.


Goal December 12, 2013

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Weight: 135

I did it. I weighed in at 135 a couple of weeks ago and have maintained that. Me. 135. I find that unbelievable. I can’t believe that I was finally able to get to that weight. I’ve lost 164 pounds. I haven’t weighed 135 since elementary school. I kind of want to get below 135 to give myself a cushion, but at the same time I’m happy with where I am at. I have been very slow with exercise because of my back issues. That, and I’ve just been lazy and happy with my life. LIke, I haven’t exercised in about a month, ever since i hurt my back. My back is a lot better, so I know that I should start exercising. I like to exercise. It makes me feel better when I do, it makes me feel healthier. So, here’s to ending 2013 with a bang!