Celebrating the weekend 2lbs lighter!

Since I’ve managed to lose my two pounds, I’ve been even more pumped up to keep it that way. Now that the weekend is here, I weighed myself this morning to see how my weightloss was and I’ve still managed to maintain my loss. I couldn’t help but be extremely excited over my accomplishment! I know I haven’t lost anymore weight, but I haven’t gained any either.

This weekend, I think I’m going to celebrate my success by either going to the movies or getting my eyebrows waxed or something. I will NOT celebrate with food!! No! No! No!

Well, I figured beautifying myself would be a nice treat since my boyfriend is coming home in two weeks. I know for some that may not sound exciting – but after not seeing him for two years and only being allowed to have two phone calls per year – I’m sure some can understand my excitement!


Two pounds gone!

I woke up this morning, rolled out of bed, grabbed the scale and watched as the numbers flashed back and forth. When the numbers finally stopped, I was amazed! I lost two pounds! WOOHOO! Not bad for my first week! 229 baby! I’m pretty excited about that and even more so that I’m closer to my goal.

When I looked in the mirror, I actually looked a bit slimmer. My belly wasn’t sticking out so much and the rest of me looked more in shape. Its funny because bought a pair of size 20 jeans from Lane Bryant on Friday night which would create a muffin top. I did try the size 22 pants but they were WAY too big for me and made me look like I was parachuting or something. Can you say balloon pants? Anyway, I put them on today and was amazed that there was no muffin top – NONE! It actually fit perfectly!! Just another excitment for my day!

Not to mention….I’m offically getting married. Yep! Its true! Its going to be a May wedding and so I have a new inspiration to keep losing the weight. I have a dressed picked out but I want to atleast lose a few more pounds incase I may need to order a different size. I don’t want to have to alter a dress too much!

Well, this is all I have for now. Bye!

random rantings

This week, my diet plan has been running smoothly – except for two days I didn’t exercise and those same days my family brought home fast food for dinner. Of course I fell for it and had some. I feel ashamed! Fast food is the reason I went from a size 14 to a size 20!!! Now, I’m in a desperate need to get back to 14 and the enemy is constantly presenting itself infront of my face.

I’ve actually asked my family a few times about how they should help support my goals by planning healthy meals and not bringing home fast food (especailly while I’m around anyway). They always say they will – but then they go ahead and do it. My family’s eating habits are not what I would describe as “healthy”. Infact, both my parents are diabetic – a future I don’t want for myself. My brothers are all trying to gain weight since they are in various sports, so foods to help with that are always around.

Thankfully, I now work full-time so I’m no longer constantly gazing around my house on food. THANK GOODNESS!!! For lunches and some dinners, I’m now eating lean cuisine meals. I guess to help me with portion and to get my body used to eating smaller meals. So far I’m beginning to feel fuller faster! Also, I’m cutting out soda and haven’t craved it so far.

The results? I dunno – I forget to weight myself because the scale is in my parents room and I don’t hardly go in there in the morning. But I feel like I’ve lost weight so that’s a good thing right?


My goals for the new year

Since it is the new year, I figured I should go ahead and post the goals I would like to accomplish regarding my weightloss for this year. So here I go:

1.) To fit into my “skinny” jeans again

2.) To go down atleast 2 dress sizes

3.) Lose between 38lbs – 50lbs

4.) Look amazing in my engagement and wedding photos

Ugh…I hate being sick!!!

Being sick was not how I planned my holiday weekend. Sadly, every one in my family has been sick except for me…so I guess it was only a matter of time before I too would get the nasty bug. Blah! My throat is soo raw from coughing and my chest feels soo congested with mucus. I hate being sick! Its funny because I was planning to do my new plan to get healthy and lose the weight. I guess I will need to get around being sick and get started.

The good thing about being sick is I’m drinking water due to the fact that my throat is so sore. I normally don’t drink water (which I’m trying to change!) so atleast I’m getting my water for today. Even if it is caused by poor condition at the moment.

So far, the first day is going pretty good. My food plan is the one used for Atkins. Because I have PCOS, its always been hard for me to lose weight. I’ve done Atkins before and actually did really well! Hopefully this time won’t be too different.

Back to business…I guess???

Just to give a little background….I have been dating a wonderful guy, Devon, for about 4 years. Two of which have been a long distance since he is serving as a missionary for our church. He is coming home the end of this coming January and I’m extremely excited! On Christmas, Devon gave me a few hints that he plans on asking me the “big” question once he is home. I’ve been waiting for this moment forever and I cannot wait to marry this great guy.

So here I am…all aglow…..I’m surfing wedding dress online to get my fill. Sadly, looking at all this pretty dresses, I realize its going to be pretty hard for me to find a gown I really love – let alone look great it (or fit!). Not to mention I only (and hopefully) get married once and I don’t want to look at my weddings photos with disgust!

I have a new motivation to get fit that I didn’t really have before. The motivation of getting slim enough to make me feel beauty once the time does come that I’m going to put on my dress and marry the man of my dreams.

Okay, so I sound really dorky. Sorry! So what is my plan this time?

Since I have PCOS, its become extremely difficult for me to lose the weight. The only success that I’ve had when it has come to weight loss is Atkins. I’m thinking of going back on Atkins and hopefully getting a jump start back into my weight loss. For exercise, my brother was kind enough to make me an exercise plan and so far it looks like its worth a shot!

I will post in a few days about my progress. =)

Article I found which really hit me

Why Cant I Lose Weight?I’m sorry if I step on toes with this one, but in this politically correct world where the truth is hard to come by its easy to get opinions that make you feel good about yourself. While I do want you to like who you are, I will not say what people want to hear if it’s not the truth. I’ll say what you don’t want to hear. So if you have been working out for a few months and don’t like what you see, there is a problem with what you are doing. Here are some of the things it could be:


1. You don’t eat 5-6 times a day. I hear it all the time, “I cant eat that much or I will get fat”. Well, you’re already fat so why don’t you try to lose weight my way? Eat 5-6 times a day to get the nutrients you need to build muscle and speed up your metabolic rate. You’re not going to make it through result producing workouts on two Twinkies and some fruit roll ups.

2. You’re eating too many carbs in the evening. You should taper off your carbs towards the end of the day. Use these energy gems to fuel your workouts and get your day started. There is no need to eat lots of carbs if you’re just going to bed. They will be stored as fat.

3. You chump out on your cardio. Don’t think that just getting on the treadmill will do it. You need to sweat and you need to breath hard. If you do 30 minutes of cardio and your shirt isn’t wet, you have been fooling yourself. Get your heart rate to at least 60% with the goal of 70% for some real results.

4. You don’t drink a gallon of water a day. Lack of water decreases performance and reduces protein synthesis. Not to mention the multitude of other systems that need water to work at peak efficiency.

5. You think you can get away with eating junk. You cant. Have a cheat day, don’t have a cheat week. You are not a special genetic phenomenon. What makes others fat will do the same to you in time.

6. Your workouts are pathetic. I see 80% of the gym just going through the motions. I also see 80% of the gym that never get any results. Work hard, it has to burn and pump. Don’t back off when you feel tired, push through. You will only get out what you put in. That’s not just a tired saying, it’s so true. Exceed your bests, push for new heights. The reward is there if you can put in the effort.

7. You are sporadic. You go some days and some days you don’t. Sometimes you follow your diet, but not always. You like certain body parts and you only work hard on those. Do or do not. Half hearted efforts will bring half assed gains.

8. You pick the easy exercises. You like cable curls but have never done a squat in your life. The seated row machine is comfy so you never do dead lifts. Harder is better. There are no short cuts.

9. You lie to yourself. This is the real reason. I hate the words “I must have a thyroid problem” and “I don’t have the genetics, or I could be skinny too”. Knock it off!! If you have a problem then go to the doctor and get it fixed. If you don’t then you’re just making excuses. Claim responsibility for your own lack of effort.

The other is mock ignorance. People know what works. People know when they should or shouldn’t be doing something. If you really don’t, sign up for my newsletter so I can answer your questions. That’s what I do for a living. Don’t however waist my time by not following the advise you asked for. There are enough books and mags out there that no one should be in the dark on the basics of working out. You know where you are slacking and until you fix that area, don’t expect anything to change. If you keep doing what your doing now, you will always look the way you do.

10. You still use the words “if only”. Lots of great things could have been accomplished in people’s lives “if only”.

Find out what’s wrong with your wieght loss program and change it. Change it now. Time waits for no man and there is no time like the present. When you finally really get fed up with your current state and stop fooling yourself, you will get the body you want. If you need some help with this, check out my weight loss workout program.

Important note: Sometimes people are sick and don’t even know it. I had one client that despite some areas in motivation and diet that did need attention he still didn’t make the forward progress he should have. Upon closer inspection (because this was really bugging me!) his doctor found out he was borderline diabetic. So once we had explained away the poor energy levels and why he especially couldn’t get away with the late night cheat meals. Things are now back on track with the weight loss. So if you feel something is wrong even though your pre-workout checkup came up clean, keep asking until you find an answer.

Ray Burton
Calgary Personal Trainer

All I want for christmas….

Is to lose all of this extra weight!!!!

Okay, maybe half of it? (just so I’m not too greedy!)

either way, I feel like my efforts of trying to reach my weightloss goal of 38lbs by the end of January will not happen. I’ve only managed to lose 5lbs since August and I’m slowly getting to the point of wanting to give in. *sigh*

I told my brother my feelings and he asked what it was I was doing for exercise. I told him mostly my exercise videos (turbo jam, bar method) and using our parents stationary bike. My brother laughed and said “I can make a workout for you that I KNOW will work.”

So I’m hoping my brother won’t kill me! He works out alot since he is a football player for NAU. So it will be interesting to see what he comes up with for me! YIKES!

I guess you need to be careful about what you wish at around Christmas!

My first post

hello! This is my newest weightloss blog. I did have a blog on blogger but I thought it would be more convientant to move my blog to one of my favorite sites – 3 Fat Chicks! I’ll post more entries later….I’m currently on my stationary bike….if you can believe that! haha!