Back from a break

Well, now I wrote a post yesterday but then I lost it. Maybe the dog ate it. Maybe I ate it. I probably ate it.

So the gist of the last post I wrote then never published and disappeared from the drafts was that I’ve been slipping a bit in the last week or so- but, I’ve managed to catch myself before I fall too far this time. So it’s time to get back on track.

I’m going to set myself some mini goals, so that I don’t lose sight of what I’m doing – I find it really easy just to wander off, and although I could see the difference when I was eating really well, I still don’t quite associate the junk food with my weight. It’s hard to explain, I know that its bad/full of calories / nutritionally empty. I just eat it anyway. Hmm. Am idiot, probably the easiest way to explain it.

So mini goals – and a cheeky explanation, because otherwise they don’t really mean much

Weight – 12st 7lb by Christmas (Or maybe new year because holy batman, when did it become december? Seriously, where did november go?) .. This is a 7lb in a month goal – not easy but not impossible. I don’t want to be setting myself up for a fall, but think this is challenging enough.

Food – Try and go a whole week without getting snacks at uni – these are a killer for me because usually its a piece of millionaire shortbread – so tasty, but so shitty as well. I’ve noticed i’ve gotten back into the habit of grabbing these at lunch.

Drink – Take my own drinks to uni, or make sure I buy my Monster lo-carb (love of my life) in the shop, rather than at the cafe – i don’t buy snacks from the shop, but I do from the cafe.

Exercise – There are a couple of these.

1) Actually do 30 proper sit ups a day – I play horseball now, and I keep getting stuck during pick ups – hilarious, but in a ‘Yeah one day I’m going to hurt myself if I keep doing this’ way.

2) 2012 Challenge: So, seeing though I’m English, naturally I can’t breathe for excitement at the prospect of the olympics being in London next year. Hmm. But, I saw the other day, a 2012km challenge to help raise money for charity – you just have to pick a goal, it could be in a team or on your own – so either 20.12km,  201.2km or the whole 2012km and try and attain that in any way possible – so running, walking, swimming, horse riding… since I ride and allegedly swim, and I want to start getting into running, this seems a positive goal to work towards.

If anyone wants to come with me, we can go for the 2012k distance – if not I think I’ll go it alone and do the 201.2k one. I’ll be donating money to a charity for young children with sight difficulties. I might write a longer post at about this at a later date.

I’ll leave it there, going to uni and to the supermarket later – want to try a new recipe later – cod with spicy tomato sauce, so I’ll let you know if it’s edible 😀



andly says 2nd December @ 16:26

So, for some reason I noticed straight away (snicker!) that you were English. And I find myself reading your posts in my head with my ridiculous British accent. So, basically, you’ve made me act like a lunatic in my own mind 🙂 Good fun!

andly says 2nd December @ 16:28

PS Don’t think I didn’t get the Buffy shout-out. Because I’m a geek like that.

katya says 3rd January @ 12:00

If you like I could totally add in some silly English words for your amusement? I do hope you also imagine me wearing a top hat and monocle… because I definitely do 😀

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