First off, apologies for the whingy post from the other day. I’m not actually that much of a horrible person, except when I’m tired.

Had a great day yesterday – productive use of my time, healthy eating, and I managed to put makeup on and then remember to take it off before bed. Genius.

Was having a bit of a fail day to start off and then I realised what I’ve done this week (I’m about to start blowing my own trumpet – I don’t do it often…feel free to skip)

3 Russian – English translations + 1 critical review of someone elses

250 word Slovene assignment (I only started learning slovene 6 weeks ago :S)

750 word french short essay in French

12 pages of reading about feminism in Russia, in Russian and learnt 3 of the 6 pages of vocab from that.

Prepared a  5 minute debate speech in russian about being a neo-nazi skinhead…

Prepared a 5 minute review of a news topic in french.

Phew.. And I think I’ve successfully worked out that I don’t stress eat…huzzah!

In short…go team me. Team me is awesome…And recruiting!

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