Addictive personality

So some of you might have read my lament on the hardships of a swiss roll addiction. Before that, when I was living in Paris it was Haribo. Now I’m addicted to Shape yoghurts… I’ve been going through them like nobody’s business. I guess they’re not so bad because there’s only 87 cals a pot and I am a bit paranoid about getting enough calcium in my diet… not sure why. Its just a bit scary to see how quickly I fall into this pattern of repeatedly eating the same food… I only discovered I liked them last week… Now I’m on 2 pots a day :S

In other news, Friday is the day I usually weigh myself, but I’m really not looking forward to it this week. Had a couple of meals out with my parents on Sunday and Monday, and with the party on saturday I think I managed to drink about a months worth of calories. I’ve done pretty well the last 3 days, but not well enough to recoup the damages from the weekend I don’t think. Hmmm. Time will tell!

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