More Fiber?

IE has been challenging for me lately. I visited my doctor again during my last trip to town to follow up┬áconcerning dizziness, brain fog, low energy, occasional insomnia, and a fainting episode I had at work last month. I have been monitoring my glucose levels and it seems to be correlated with low blood sugar. I start feeling bad in the 70’s. It was 55 right after I fainted (which was weird because I had eaten breakfast an hour earlier). But for whatever reason, my doctor doesn’t think it is hypoglycemia, which my mom had. I did a 5-hour glucose tolerance test last week and I reacted toward the end with severe sweating, shaking, rapid heartbeat, chills and anxiety, but he said my test was normal.

Well, that test really messed with my “thintuition.” I ate a ton after the test and since then I have been feeling anxious and almost protective about food. Plus everything I eat now tastes too sweet. Things are getting easier now that I am home, but on a whole, it was not a good experience. Now I am looking into a second opinion and maybe a new doctor. I like my doctor, but he isn’t terribly concerned about my condition and doesn’t seem compelled to do any more tests or diagnose the problem. His only advice was to eat lots of smaller meals with more fiber.

Anyway, I have been looking into protein/complex carb pairing and have started incorporating it into my IE, at least until I figure out what’s wrong with me. I notice that having both in a meal is more satisfying for me anyway.

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