Straight Ahead

I had a good day today. Lunch was a good ol’ fashioned PB&J. I haven’t had one in quite a while, but that’s what my taste buds wanted this morning. I remembered a line in the Weigh Down Diet where the author commented on how filling half a sandwich could be. Ten years ago when I read it, the concept seemed beyond impossible for me. But then, my eating habits were far different at that time than they are now¬†that I am 30 pounds lighter.

So I gave it a try today. I ate half my sandwich at lunch time with a mandarin orange and water, and I was not hungry again for several hours (when I ate the second half). This is interesting to me because I could normally eat a whole sandwich and still be hungry again several hours later.

I think this ties into the Eden Diet’s theory of eating until you are satisfied and/or when you first feel the food hitting your stomach (whichever comes first). Not neccessarily the same thing as eating until you are full. Today, after lunch, I would say I was at a 5 on a scale of one to ten on fullness. Not totally full. Not hungry either. Somewhere in between. And… it worked. Apparently my body does indeed need less fuel than I have been giving it.

I may play with this again tomorrow.

Also, I worked out again today. I did 30 minutes on my elliptical. Same as yesterday, only I felt like pushing the pace more today. I feel good!

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