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Hard work pays off

We always have to remember everything pays off in the end! when we work hard at it then we see results.

And only we can be in control of weight loss and goals. it seems so hard sometimes and so easy to stray.

but even I know that it can happen and even though I have fallen off I always get back on , and it is like a roller coaster

I was to let this be the last time I have to start again. I want to stict to natural eating so I get accomplishe din forever not just to lose what weight I want

so starting tomorrow I will be following LA just cause I know then I eat from all food groups.I like WW but know I won’t eat from all groups so till I lose the weight then I will follow LA.

My goal for week is to walk 30 min a day ,I will journal also what I am eating ,I ended up getting sick and was walking everyday for 30 and it felt great!!

Looking forward to blogging my journey it makes it more real when I let others read my thoughts


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By katiedoll
On April 22, 2012
At 9:46 am
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