seeing some progress!

It’s been a rough week, but I’m seeing some progress! Getting better at keeping my blood sugar on an even keel and I’ve lost 1lb in the past week : ) Go me! It’s taking a lot of organization and planning, which I’m not good at. But if that’s what it takes I’ll have to do it. It seems to be pretty much a matter of eating 4-5 small meals a day. My downfall is usually dinner. I’m getting home late at night, too exhausted to think about cooking and end up ordering in. But I’m sticking to my 25-50% rule. If I eat out, order in, or get something that’s not a real healthy choice then I only eat 25-50% of it. The rest goes in the trash. I know, it kills me to waste food. But if I bring it home or keep it in the house I’ll keep picking at it until it’s gone. And I’m trying to walk at least 30 mins a day.

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