Thank you Kristen from Biggest Loser

I didn’t want to do shit today. I’ve been snacking all day (still in calorie range and making smart choices though), i’m PMSing and just want to nest. Well, that was until i watched Biggest Loser (had it on the dvr from last night).

Kristen. She used to weigh like 360 and is down 116 pounds. She did a 30 second sprint on the treadmill at a 10. A muthahumpin’ TEN! When i saw her doing that i knew i could drag my tired ass on my little 45 minute walk.

Thank you Kristen. Bob was right, there is a girl out there watching that is saying “If she can do it, so can i.”

Walking a shy dog.

More like coaxing and carrying a shy dog. He’s a little fella so carrying him is no problem. He did pretty good today. I finally got some Playlists going so i had one that was a bit over 22 minutes and that was my *walk away* music, then another about the same length that was my *walk back* music. I carried Blue about 1/3 of the trip. He met some strangers and didn’t hightail it the other way either! It was a proud moment.

The walk. Wow. It was a pretty one but i didn’t notice that on the last half (or a little less). It hit me all of a sudden that i was tired, winded, had to pee, sweaty and just a general sense of ick. I managed though and feel so much better now for doing it!

My scale budged too. Whew. Down to 265 on the nose right now. Such a long way to go but i still don’t feel worried about it. Sure, i would love to wake up and the weight be gone but that ain’t happening. I *am* going to have a HUGE sense of pride for every little and big goal i reach because they are all well earned.

Time to make some breakfast. At 11:18am. That’s how i roll. I had a pear & some almonds before my walk but now it’s time for something more — steel cut oats, blueberries, tea & milk. YUM! I am using liquid Stevia and today will be the first time using it in the oats. Hope it’s a hit. I don’t really like using calories on sugar when there are better things to eat but i GOTS to have me some sweet up in those oats.

Nerdus honey

Ok, i weigh daily. I think it’s good to see the ups & downs of our bodies so i don’t get thrown for a loop. Well, that is the theory anyway. Yesterday i hopped on the scale and i was up a pound. I figure then today i would be in for a good loss. Nope, up another pound. I have been TOTALLY OP for the full 2 weeks (meaning i’ve not gone over my calories for the day, i haven’t started exercising yet though).

Well, i have to realize what i would tell someone else in this boat. The body DOES fluctuate alot. Not only through out the day but also day to day. If i’m staying OP this will work. I am eating small meals thru the day, no one honkin’ meal so it will work. It will work? Won’t it?

Oh Tubby Fear… Tubby Doubt… i missed you for those first 2 weeks. Good to see an old friend back. Tubby, this is to hard. Tubby, you prolly can’t even lose that much weight. WRONG. I don’t even know wtf that voice is saying that and PLEASE, stop calling me Tubby! Maybe that voice is speaking out of fear of change. Change is BIG, even if it is a super positive one.

Whew, ok. I have talked myself off the cliff 😉  I’m gonna rock this week out and maybe start doing a little physical activity to boot. Hang in there fatchicks, we got this one!!


Well, 2 weeks in. You know, it’s good. It’s REALLY good actually. I have *started* so many times but never felt like this.

One thing that is hard is dealing with the hubby. He doesn’t like skim milk, he doesn’t want veggies. It gets old. He supports me fully but only if it doesn’t affect him at all, you know? Well, so be it. I’m doing MY thing for ME for once.