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Today is day two. I started today feeling empowered! I made it through the first day, had a yummy omelet for breakfast, and was on my way to do some healthy grocery shopping. I must admit that at first I was a little hesitant inside about going to the store by myself, however I found it surprisingly easy to avoid any “temptation” foods and just pick up what I knew I needed (ie: veggies, protein, walden farm dressings). One small victory (although one expensive bill).

Okay, time to get home, pre-chop veggies to make things easier this week, make lunch, and keep on this roll. I have realized already that I need to get a better stock of lunch IP packs because an IP drink mix and stir-fry veg wasn’t as good as it first sounded. I think I need to look up some recipes b/c I am sure what threw me off was my not great seasonings on the veggies. I have been craving a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t really even want to eat. I am at my limit of IP products for the day (3) and the cucumber I ate didn’t quite cut it. I don’t know why the afternoon between lunch and dinner seems to be the hardest time not to cheat?! Luckily I sent all the snack-ish stuff in the house to work with my husband to avoid the temptation 🙂

Not sure yet what is for dinner tonight… I have several choices but I need some inspiration…

Well, off to find some…

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Yesterday, Boxing Day 2012,  was day one of my ideal protein plan. Thanks to supportive friends also on the plan I made it through that first day inspired and hopeful (even if it was difficult with chips and cookies and chocolate around for everyone else to eat). I learned very quickly how hard it is to actually eat 2 cups of veggies twice a day (without bursting!) and also that when you cook it right and add proper seasonings, you really don’t notice if you’re not eating pasta, bread or rice. Add lots of water in between, especially if you feel hungry, and all in all…. a successful day one.

Menu – Day 1

Breakfast – IP Maple Oatmeal

Snack – IP Chocolate Drink Mix

Lunch – IP Potato Puree Mix (made into a crepe) with sauteed vegetables.

Snack – Cucumber slices

Dinner – Cauliflower Fried ‘Rice’ w/ Veg and Ham/ Turkey.

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All journeys must begin somewhere. My journey within and out started when I stepped on the scale at the doctor’s office one day and “all of a sudden” my weight had crept up to 197 pounds! I was horrified with myself for being so undisciplined and so unhealthy. It was time to start making better choices. It was time to begin my journey… seeking health… seeking overall well-being… seeking self-esteem… seeking change.

This is the beginning of my story….

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