About Kaplods

In 2003 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a mystery autoimmune disease attacking my respiratory system damaging my lungs, sinuses, and the cartilage in my nose (and in the last year or so, my skin).  I also have had a long list of other health issues such as sleep apnea, sleep stage disturbances, temperature regulation problems, IBS, Insulin resistance etc, etc…

 I’ve learned that “everything going haywire,” the long list of symptoms, and the sudden appearance (and less frequently disappearance) of symptoms is characteristic of both fibromyalgia and autoimmune disease (and the experts don’t seem to agree on whether fibromyalgia is or is not an autoimmune disease, but regardless both fibro and AI disease are often found together).

I don’t know if my weight and/or diet has caused any or all of my health issues, but it certainly has exacerbated them.  Weight loss has resolved the sleep apnea, and I find that a high carbohydrate diet triggers flares.  Carbohydrates, grains, sugars, and/or gluten grains may play a role in the fibro and the AI.  So far, I’ve read a lot of theories, but no definite answers.   Still, like many people with fibro and AI, I find that generically, a lower carbohydrate diet seems to improve symptoms.

There’s no denying that chronic health issues cause stress in a person’s life, but suffering isn’t inevitable.  In some ways, I’m a more joyful person now than when I was in good health.  Maybe it’s appreciating things more, or maybe it’s that being forced to take life at a slower pace, I have more time and opportunity to enjoy and appreciate little things I took for granted when I was rushing, rushing, rushing to accomplish things in life.

Not to say that I’m no longer a goal-driven person.  I still have countless ideas, plans, goals, hopes and creations/inventions to pursue.  If I could live until I exhausted my curiosity and inventiveness, I think I could keep myself occupied for several thousand years.  Every new discovery opens doors to a thousand more.