Just wanna have fun!

Saturday my husband and I went geocaching with a friend (a “treasure” hunt using a handheld gps).

I needed my cane for balance, but otherwise did pretty well.   I was sore yesterday and even worse today (it always seems with new exercise, that the day after the day after is always the worst.

When it comes to exercise, I’m a lot more easily motivated when the task has a purpose (especially if the purpose is “fun”).  I have to say that as far as exercise goes, I like geocaching almost as much as bicycling, but swimming in warm water is still my all-time favorite form of exercise (our area has a warm water therapy pool, and the warm water is heaven on arthritic joints).  I’d live in the water if I could, because the break from gravity is awesome.

Tomorrow the plan is bicycling around my aparment complex (if it doesn’t storm). 





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