2010, What I plan on doing differently?

May I ask a question with no judgment intended at all? In 2009, did you feel that you ate certain foods a little too freely that you want to avoid to lose more weight or do you feel your portions were not small enough?

I’m asking mainly because I want to understand how someone can eat so healthily (I’ve read through a lot of your blog and you eat admirably well) and still not lose much weight. What changes do you want to make in 2010?

I’ve read a lot of your posts on 3 Fat Chicks, and you are definitely one of the best informed and most reasoned voices I’ve ever read. My best wishes to you and good luck in your endeavors in the coming months!



It’s an excellent question, though a complicated one (or maybe several easy questions would be a better description).

If I were eating the way I am now, in my 20’s, I would be losing 10 lbs a week (and I often did).  So, even I often wonder why I’m not losing more on my current WOE (way of eating).

I think that eating too many off-plan foods, and eating too-large portions is still an issue, as to the fact that I must always remember that I can’t define portion-size based on my past-self (coming to terms with the fact that what is today a “too-large portion,” may have been a “too-small portion” only a few years ago).

My portion sizes are usually pretty good.  In fact, it would be rather difficult for me to reduce the size of my portions.  I try never to eat more than 3/4 to 1 cup of food at any meal, and don’t fail at that very often.  Frequency of portions, is an issue.  Controlled grazing, can become out-of-controlled eating very easily.  Small mini-meals do seem to work best for me.  That doesn’t mean constant eating though, and I have to be aware of the cumulative amount of food as well. 

As for, off-plan foods, I’ve eliminated most traditional junk food, but there’s plenty of healthy food that is too high in carbs and calories.  For Christmas, my family brought my husband and I an assortment of food-gifts from a new Health Food Store in their area.  Many of the choices were very diet-friendly, but I’ve been eating too much of the dried fruit and nut mixed.   

My main game-plan change for 2010 is to stick to my exchange plan, and journal every day.  When I don’t journal, I’m more likely to eat more servings of the higher carb foods that increase hunger (and if I’m not paying attention increase the likelihood that I’ll eat too much or too frequently, or less-than-healthy choices).

Another factor to address, is activity level.  With my health issues, and those of my husband, we’ve both dropped our activity level considerably.  I seem to be much like my cat in this regard.

When we adopted ChubChub, she weighed nearly 20 lbs.  We managed to get a few pounds off of her – but the less we fed her, the less she moved.  Attempts to get her interested in a game of chase the string, or any other activity, were mostly useless.    She sat by her empty food dish and cried and complained all of the time, trying to persuade us to feed her. 

Unlike my cat, I understand that I need to stay active (yet it doesn’t seem any easier), and I have full choice over what to eat, how much, and how frequently.

Documentation, I think really is the key.  I can’t stress enough how important journal writing is to my success (and yet it’s the easiest thing for me to get lazy about and neglect).

I’ve rambled quite a bit, so to summarize

The biggest change I believe I need to make for 2010 is much more thorough documentation.  Writing down exactly what, when, and how much I eat –  and staying within my exchange plan boundaries.  Limiting carbs helps me control hunger (though my exchange plan already figures that in – all I have to do is check of the boxes), so that will be important to – and adding in activity more consistently.


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  1. Screaming Fat Girl Says:

    Thank you so much for answering my question. Sometimes I want to understand the problems others are having so that I can learn through their experiences. When I look at your food and consider what I eat, I think that you’re on a lot healthier track than I am and I get rather worried that I’m going to have problems down the road. That being said, each person’s body is unique and the saying often is “your body, your science experiment”.

    I really understand what you are saying on the quick piling up of calories when you graze too much. It’s an issue I have sometimes as well, especially with fruit and seemingly “harmless” carbs. I’m using Fitday to track calories, but it is very tedious and I don’t want to do it sometimes so I can understand your fatigue with keeping a journal.

    I read through all of your archives last night and hope you will have more time to blog more often. I think you probably expend so much of your mental energy on the forums that you have little left for blogging. You may want to simply transfer large sections of some of your forum posting to blog posts so that a different audience can find your wisdom. Some people read blogs, but not forums, so you wouldn’t have to worry about duplication of effort. Also, for your own sake, it may be easier to track your thoughts in a blog than a forum where posts can get lost or buried. Just a thought!


  2. kaplods Says:

    I think you’ve read my mind. I have recently found myself in a post thinking “this belongs on my blog,” and have done exactly as you suggested.

    Most recently, it was a recipe (my Sorbet/Daquiri recipe).

    However, I also plan on redirecting my energies in 2010, spending less time in the forums. I have a few writing projects I’m working on (a novel and several nonfiction projects) – I’d also like to open an etsy shop for my craft projects and craft patterns, and I’d like to blog more often here (at least once a week) – and of course there’s the exercise I’m trying to include (swimming at least once a week, and walking at least twice a week).

    I spend far too much time in the forums. It’s eating far too much of my time. My hubby had to give up WOW (an online role-playing game) because fpr a similar reason, and I’m realizing I’m bering drawn into my online addictions (3FC and Ravelry – a fiber art site for crocheters, knitters, spinners, weavers…) as much or more than he was ever into WOW.

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