It was a beautiful day today, so hubby and I wanted to do something fun, but inexpensive, so we went on a “cheese run” today to one of the local cheesemakers. They were having a special promotion for their flavored Montery Jack cheeses ($2.00 to $4.00 per lb.). I bought small bricks of several cheeses – Reduced Fat Pepperjack, Garlic and Herb, and one with a “blue” cheese marbeled through the jack. Hubby chose smoked swiss, and mozarella whips (a very thin string cheese, a little thinner than that of an average pencil).

I know that cheese can be a problem food for a lot of people.  It’s a trigger food for me if I eat it with a high carb accompaniment.   A few small cubes of cheese with raw veggies or a small amount of fruit, or just alone are satisfying to me, but add crackers or other fast-acting carb, and I can eat until I’m sick. SO the secret for me, is to just eat cheese in a meal or snack without any high carb foods in the same snack/meal.

The bad news – we decided to stop for lunch, and the best choice was Golden Corral (a mega-buffet). I have to say that the buffet turned out to be my friend.  There were so many healthy options, I was actually quite impressed, and I did very well. My first plate was mostly asparagus, spinach and other veggies. I choose mostly the veggies in steam trays that didn’t seem to have butter or other fats added.

It took a bit of willpower to avoid my favorite pitfalls, but I was determined not to feel sorry for myself, and it worked pretty well.  What really helped was the asparagus and spinach, two of my favorite veggies.  Especially the asparagus, since I don’t buy fresh experience very often, because it can be a bit expensive.  I think I ate nearly a lb of steamed asparagus. 

I stayed within my calorie budget, but I know that with my IBS, I’m going to suffer for it. So, I expect a severe stomach ache late tonight, early tomorrow.  I’m also expecting that the sodium will cause a bit of water retention, so I’m hoping I don’t see a gain in the morning.  It won’t be a big deal if I do, because I know my calories were fine.  So if I drink extra water (I’ve already started) it will disappear quickly, at least by Tuesday morning.

Still if I’m going to “suffer” for overeating, I’d rather be it due to veggie overload and temporary water gain than calorie overload and actual fat gain.

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  1. hydrawoman Says:

    Great job of staying on track at Golden Corral. We have those in my area too and they do have enough healthy choices to make it okay to eat there. Have a nice holiday!!!!

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