If Life (or Walmart) hands you sour grapes – make popsicle nuggets

I bought some green grapes the other day at Walmart.  They were on sale for a great price, but they were very sour.  I bought them anyway, because sour grapes are pefect for popsicle nuggets (I call them that, because they taste like and have the texture of popsicles).   I freeze sweet grapes too, but usually don’t add the jello mix, because they’re plenty sweet enough on their own. 

I got the “recipe” (if you can call anything with two ingredients a recipe) at a Weight Watcher’s meeting. 

Remove grapes from stems.  Rinse in a collander, place in a ziploc freezer bag or container.  Pour in a package of any sugar free gelatin flavor (I used peach tonight).  Freeze

(I use only half a package if I’m freezing less than a pound of grapes.)



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  1. brseay Says:

    What a great recipe! My son would love this, I might try it today 🙂

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