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Wish I could hibernate

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Something strange happens every year, starting in the late fall.  I get the urge to put on a layer of body fat for winter hibernation.  This would be a good thing if I was a bear, but since I don’t  hibernate during the winter, not so much.

Starches taste better in autumn and winter.  Or at least it seems so.  Hot, steamy starchy foods that are filling and warming.  I’m craving mashed potatoes, squash and stove top stuffing.

Since I’m not able to hibernate, those comfort foods aren’t really doing much for my comfort.  I don’t feel well when I eat too many carbs, especially foods dense in sugars and starches compared to their calorie levels.  I recently bought a box of “Fruit Chillers” without carefully looking at the box (GAWD what a bad mistake).  The box said “fruit sorbet,” but when I tried one they tasted like frozen strawberry jam – sickeningly sweet and sticky.  Yuck.  Read the label and found that it contained “3/4 of a serving of fruit per serving” – so 40 calories out of the 190.  Blech….

When I bought them, I knew they were “kinda” junk, but I was thinking DelMonte Fruit Cup, not liquid lollypop.  Blech, blech, blech

I feel like an idiot, and was thinking of ways to salvage the purchase.  Initially I thought, well they wouldn’t be bad to sweeten a smoothie with – and then I thought – I don’t need almost 200 calories of sweetener in my smoothie.  Then I thought, maybe we can donate it to a food bank, but the foodbanks in our area are asking people not to donate so much low nutrition foods – they have too much of that kind of crap and too little fruits (real ones) and vegetables.

Eating healthy isn’t hard, and it doesn’t even have to be expensive (if you learn the cheapest sources in each food group), but eating crap is easier.  It’s everywhere, and if you let your guard down, you will buy foods that seem healthy that aren’t.

I almost bought some “no sugar added” cranberry juice today, but as I was reading the label, I wondered how unsweetened cranberry juice could still be 140 calories for an 8 oz serving – well it wasn’t “unsweetened” cranberry juice – it was sweetened with concentrated grape juice – but since it was juice concentrate they could call it “no sugar added,” which really ticks me off – because sugar (fruit sugar) was added to the cranberry juice, just not cane sugar.

Reading labels isn’t enough, you need to know the “code words” companies can use to lie without lying.

It would be so much simpler if I could just hibernate until I reached my ideal body weight.