Normal Day 13 or so

Hmm. Just got back from a wedding in MD/VA, it was absolutely lovely. Even if I hated and still hate the bride’s “parents”. Did not eat particularly badly, nor did I eat particularly well. My count was an average of 2700 calories, which is maintenance for me. Last night, however, there were pizza and buffalo wings. -_- (We missed superbowl, and spent all yesterday on airplanes to come home to a house devoid of food. Never a good thing.) Today is a new day! Back to the daily grind and slog of normal life. I have no excuse for my behaviour, as photochick always says “If you want to do anything, you’ll make time for it!” So I will.


B: Tea and cereal
S: Honey and almonds
L: Openface tuna sandwich with pickles and “deluxe nuts”
D: Pork Roast, yams, green veg from the freezer
S: Wasa cracker, babybel cheese

Ugh, What just happened?

Well, that was a rhetorical question. Life kicked me and I wasn’t prepared for it. I should be okay this week. I have a plan! Seriously. It’s not that hard to stick to it. Let me just say, jury duty + school = crazy times, man. Who can remember what groceries you need when you have 4 classes, a trial, work, and NO DAY PLANNER. No excuses! I know. Today was an okay day, though. I just didn’t get all my exercise in. Will be restarting the 100 pushup challenge from week 2, but will be continuing my body-training routine for the 30DS.

G2009 Day 9

9 Days on plan, even if I haven’t had enough water for the past 2 of them. I won’t pretend it’s alright, but it’s not the end of the world, either. TOM isn’t really kicking my ass. I don’t think i’m being unreasonable in my expectations, I just think I’m just not quite there on the planning end of things. Today was the day I make up the food plan for the week for dh and myself, and i’m supposed to buy the groceries as well. The plan is made, the groceries, on the other hand, are still at the store, not having been bought. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day, and I’ll get to it before Sunday.

I’m too tired right now to post my menu, but TDP does have my count for today. It’s a little low, so i’m going to have a cheese wheel, some wheat thins, and milk, and then sleep. Also, my time is lying. It’s actually 11:57 here in ABQ, on the day previous.

G2009 Day 8

So apparently last night’s post posted for early this morning. That’s annoying. I didn’t mention it, but I did do Week 1/Day 2 of the 100 push up challenge yesterday. I do not hurt today. That is -fantastic-. TOM is going to start tonight, but I’ve done okay today. There’s this burrito place (i know what you’re thinking, but think more Chipotles rather than TexMexFiesta) that focuses on FRESH and ORGANIC ingredients. So I scrolled through their menu and took a look at the one that had the least saturated fat and most veggies. I got myself a Chicken (marinated, grilled) Tito Burrito (avocado, cabbage, corn, tomatoes, special non-dairy sauce) on whole wheat tortilla, and only ate half of it. The other half is in the fridge for tomorrow’s on-the-go lunch. Next time I go out (because I will be going back) I’m requesting the sauce on the side. I forgot how much of it they added. I’m designating 800 calories for it, because even though their tortillas are not made with lard, I am not sure what’s in that sauce, and I’m going to be safe. Also, I’ve been satisfied ’til now, and it’s been at least 5 hours.

Menu for the rest of the day:
D: Homemade spaghetti sauce, turkey meatballs, whole wheat linguine. 600 cals.
D: going out to a bonfire tonight. Excited! Don’t know what’s going to be there, but i doubt there will be much of anything i want to drink. I might buy some (soft) cider and ask if i can make a pot of mulled cider over the fire. It’s going to be cold! But just in case, I have 500 free calories for the night.

G2009 Day 7 – I refuse to feel bad about what I eat, as long as I’m within my calorie limit.

Hard day today, too. TOM so very soon. Ugh.

So! Let me tell you about my day, hm? It’d make me feel better.

This morning was perfect, I had my turkey & cheesy eggs on toast like I usually do, and have even started taking the cream out of the eggs – hardly noticed at all. Anyway. I’m not up for Jury duty in the morning, but I needed to watch the site to see if i’d be there in the afternoon. At 11:52, I wasn’t, so I went straight to work.

Now, I’m a part time legal assistant for a Law office with 2 lawyers. One of them is my uncle by marriage, which is how I heard about the job. The other one is my actual boss. Usually I work a 9am-12pm schedule M-Thurs. Today was Wednesday and I didn’t get into the office until 12:20. We’ve also been swamped the last couple of days. So the long and short of it is, I didn’t leave the office until 6, and I had most assuredly NOT packed a lunch, or even a snack. That is an action that will be remedied shortly. I figure a few baby bells,the rest of my ill-considered wheat thins, pistachios, and sugar snap peas will take care of it.

So I came home, was so hungry I could not think, and requested Taco Bueno for dinner. A chicken muchaco, a beef muchaco, a chicken soft taco, and a beef soft taco. The worst part is, I am full, but not overfull, and not particularly bloated. I feel fine, other than like crying, which is definitely pre-TOM.

Also, I’ve almost started feeling terrible about eating non-superfoods, and I’m going to nip that in the bud. I’m sure I will continue to eat more salt than is good for me right now; I realize this is unhealthy. But right now, pre-packaged foods are going to be my saviour until I can get to Saturday & Sunday and -really- plan out my week. I’ve seen a few threads on how to plan for the week on both the CC and 100lb club threads, and I’m going to take their advice. Salads for lunch are good, though I know i’ll get bored easily and will have to a) mix it up with sandwiches, or b) make sure there are at least 2 varieties. And possibly make sure there is some soup with them. It’s been cold (for Albuquerque at least) and my hands have been freezing. I need a quick recipe for some soup, preferably a clear or a blended veggie one. But seriously, this feeling awful because I’m not following someone -else’s- plan? Has. Got. To. Stop. What works for other people does not necessarily work for me, and I need to remember that. Yes it would be great if i were satisfied with the foods that other people seem to be. I’m just not, though. I like a great variety of foods, and I love fats. I’m cutting down on saturated fats, and that’s just going to have to be enough for right now. I’m cutting out white carbs and sugars, and that’s also just going to have to be enough. It’s loads better than I used to eat.

I calmed down yesterday and re-measured myself, and realized that i had dropped a few 1/4 inches from places like my hips and thighs (makes sense, I do walk every day – barring today), and felt way, way better.

G2009 Day 6

Today was a bad day. Nothing but white-ish carbs and fat, really. Well, aside from lunch. But it was a bad day. Last night, to make up the last 260 calories i needed to eat, I went out to Wendy’s and got a jr. cheeseburger. It was so worth it, but what I was really craving was the meat. Next time I want beef, I’ll just make a hamburger with 95% lean at home, and add veggie-naise if i need the fat. TOM is soon! You can tell by the cravings. I wanted wine tonight, and it was sweet wine, so I had almost one cup’s worth. I wanted chocolate, so i had half an ounce worth. I wanted cheese, so (besides lunch) protein today was baby bells with a side of organic “wheat thin” like crackers. I didn’t look at the sodium on those, though, and WTH. No wonder I’m bloated. sigh. It’s annoying, because my clothes are fitting well, my body feels firmer, but there’s absolutely no budging on my inches. NONE. I’m so depressed I could cry. I know it’s not reasonable to expect an inch off in a week, I just can’t help thinking I could do better. Especially after the foods I had today. It’s about as junky as I can get without eating out. (I really am trying to keep my eating out to a minimum.)

Menu for today (oh the shame):
B: one flaxseed waffle with 1/2 T smart balance omega spread and 1/2T of maple syrup
S1: 1 medium size navel orange
S2: 30g Wheat crisp, one baby bell
L: open face turkey/cheese/tomato sandwich w/ organic potato chips w/ sea salt and half a pickle. (3 oz meat, 1.5 oz cheese-i never weighed it!!!!-, 1.5 oz tomato, sliced),
D: 2 baby bells, 60 grams worth (about 34 crackers) Wheat Crisps
D: 6-7oz wine, 1/2 oz dagoba chai chocolate bar

Okay, I know it could have been worse. Still. It could have been way better. Hmm? Let’s trade in dinner for a real meal with veggies. Heck, let’s trade in that second serving of wheat crisps for the same amount of calories of veggies. That would have been -smarter-. The chocolate was non-negotiable, but i could’ve skimped on the wine and had some protein at dinner. I never should have bought the wheat crisps, seriously. Or the potato chips. (Though if i had to choose, I’d go for the wheat crisps, they’re so much saltier, and sweeter, and taste too decadent for me.) I know better for next time. Next time i need the crispiness, I need to remember to buy that giant cracker that I bought for my grandmother when she complained everything was too salty. It would be a perfect snack with everything, and it’s high fiber.

What’s done is done, I know that. I’m depressed, i’ll get over it. I’d love to look at the scale tonight, but chances are it’d be even higher than when I started not looking at it, and then I’d feel even worse, and I. Do. Not. Need. It. I’ll do my pushups tomorrow, remember that I’m getting stronger, my clothes are fitting better (or worse), I have tons more energy even just before TOM, I did all my exercise today, and this self-recrimination is going to stop tonight! I may not be eating super-foods right yet, I may be eating too much junk food, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is my perfect plan!

G2009 Day 5

The most important thing I’ve done today is finish the last of the strong bad episodes. Aw man, it was freakin great. Love Strong Bad cartoons, then they made a serial video game and it was even better. Also, everything I ever wanted out of a strong bad game. Yes. Let me opine more. Not really, I’m done.

Anyway, today was jury duty. We sat in a room beginning at 8:30, my group got to leave at 10 and come back at one thirty, we waited around another two hours and then they finally told us to go home. Turns out the trial my group was scheduled to be appointed to went (eventually) to a plea, and we also got to experience a judge coming down from on high to thank a different jury group for being a useful threat he managed to get a plea deal out of (that plea was guilty, and he was happy about it.)

So! I knew I was going out for lunch. So I didn’t eat breakfast. Turned out to be a good thing, since I was definitely not hungry for the first few hours we were there anyway (when I get keyed up, all the food I eat burns through my system…tmi, and ow), and I ate around 10:15. It was a gyro combo meal, and for once, the gyro meat actually tasted like meat and spices instead of salt and a little meat, and spices. Also included were: 2 cups of romaine lettuce, 2T of dressing, a 2oz baklava (best one i’ve ever eaten, bar none), 2 glasses of water, and a 2×2″ piece of spanakopita that pleased my tastebuds so much, I refused to not eat it. I did, however, take off the top layer of phyllo dough. Or however you spell that. Also, my v key isn’t working up to snuff. I really need a new computer.

Gyro: 600 cals (inc tzatsiki)
spanakopita: 240
baklava: 130
iceberg lettuce: 20 cals.
2T italian dressing: 100 cals
1 kalamata olive: 9 cals
1 pepperoncini: 2.5
1/8 tomato: 6
most of a cube of feta cheese: 80
Total: 1187.5

Pretty good, if i do say so myself. That’s about what I eat for 2 meals every day, which it was taking the place of.

Dinner has consisted of a 400 calorie chile relleno that I bought from Whole Foods (not that I ate the whole thing, more about 7/8 of it.) The chile was… bland, and sweet. Chile relleno should always be made with New Mexico Chiles! I also had a very little sour cream with it, when I realized it needed a kick, but then it wasn’t hot enough and blaahhhh. So I’m calling the total about 400 cals anyway, because of the full fat sour cream. I almost never get the lowfat stuff. I’m just going to start buying Fage 2%. Nom nom. Has both the texture and the flavor I craaaave.

Total for today: 1590.

Going to have to ramp that up with a dessert item. I have no interest in attempting to eat the noodles I made for dh, since I didn’t actually measure what went in them. Bad me, I know.

On the exercise front: I walked -everywhere- downtown today, except for the last bit to the transit center, since my feet were killing me. It was well over 30 minutes.
I did 2 sets of 7 reps of sit ups. the first was a fail set, so i’m only counting the second.
Day 1, Week 1 of the 100 pushups challenge again. So far so good. I remembered to stretch.

I’m about halfway there on water for the day, but I tend to drink most of it at night anyway. Always so thirsty…

G2009 Day 4

So my water intake yesterday was just barely my entire water bottle. I still woke up feeling dry and there were imprints in my skin. I’m wondering if I might need more, or if TOM messes with the amount of water necessary for my body to feel like it’s getting enough. We’ll see. TOM is about 3-4 days away, if my calculations are correct. Ugh. I can tell. Craving chocolate, beef, fat – and it’s not like I don’t get a decent amount of fat in my diet already!

So, yesterday was also POP! I’m so happy. That’s three days, now. Dh is not eating out at all anymore (mostly because I stole all his credit/debit cards and he -can’t-) and I showed him our monthly budget so he realizes why I’m being so strict. I am about to hide my debit card after Monday’s shopping for groceries at Costco -they only TAKE debit- and I’ll hide my credit card after I finish shopping for the week at WFM. The only way to make sure that we don’t spend is to free us from the temptation. Even with the knowledge we’re in pretty dire straits, we still spend. So as part of my g2009 goals, this is what I’m doing from now on.

Today’s a Sunday, and that means an upping in my plan!

Jan 04: 1900 calories, 18 mins cardio, 07 sit ups, Week 1 of 100 push ups, 70oz water

Menu for today:
B: Cheesy eggs w/ smoked turkey and toast: 455
L: Open face turkey melt with chips and yogurt: 517
S: a bit of a mint chocolate-chip cookie: 78
D: Baked pork chops, fettucine w/ peppers, greek salad: 695
D: Caribbean Mix Fruit Bar from whole foods (ice pop. nom nom nom), 1 square of dagoba chai chocolate: 160

Day 3, G2009

A good start this morning, even though breakfast sucked. I can’t stand over easy eggs without some sort of bread to sop them up, and I burnt my piece of toast this morning. Had a waffle, but it had already been used to sop up maple syrup. Mmmmmmm.

Today my arms hurt like nobody’s business. I don’t know how to counteract and help my muscles repair themselves any faster, either. So I’m taking the weekend off from doing the push ups, and starting day one again on Monday. That was sorta the plan anyway. I reviewed the 2009 calendar and saw it will be perfectly fine to do a MWF plan for six weeks, and the Sunday after (15th of Feb) do the 100 push ups. So excited. That’s also the day I finally get to weigh in!!! Yes! I can’t wait to see how much I will have lost! I’ll know my inches on the 26th of January, as I’ll be flying in to MD for one of my best friend’s weddings.

I think I mentioned I’ve stopped using Fitday and now am using TDP, simply because I eat so many name-brand foods they have available. Like the entire line of 365 products from whole foods, which is my staple.

Menu for today:
B: 1 waffle with 3/4 T Smart Balance EVOO spread and 1/2T maple syrup, 2 eggs over easy, 12oz (weighed) whole milk (i ran out of my 1%. gonna go grocery shopping for the weekend, then shop when i finally get paid on Monday) 540 cals.
L: Sushi, 1 salmon, 1 tuna roll, brown rice, both with avocado. 4 packets of soy, 1t wasabi, 1oz pickled ginger. Seriously delicious. 615 cals
S: No snack today. sushi instead. nom nom nom.
D: Pork roast, roasted yams w/ olive oil & red onion, spinach manhattan. (a lighter version, but still a manhattan, all the same.)

Day 2 of G2009

Just completed Day 1, Week 1 of my Mini-Challenge (100 push ups) in the G2009 thread Loving the Skin I’m In! My shoulders hurt so much. It’s possible my arms aren’t out far enough yet and I’m putting the torque on the wrong place, the last time I did push ups I was not a) this big, and b) this tall. Should also mention I’m too heavy even for the pansy knee push ups, so I’m just doing against the door ones. They are Kicking My Ass.

The non-mini challenge is not to use the scales. I might have mentioned that yesterday. I sorta don’t read my past posts eversometimes. It’s odd, even in the 3 weeks that I started this loss journey, I was so used to just stepping on the scale for a quick motivational boost. Now I don’t have that, and actually have to pay more attention to what’s going on with and in my body.

I just started using The Daily Plate to track my calories, and I have to say, it’s a hell of a lot more accurate than FitDay. The calories burned section of Fitday doesn’t take into account your weight, so you get the 150/”normal person weight” readings for all the exercises you do. As far as I can tell, the Daily Plate does take that into account, so it’s the winner. Plus they make it really easy for the person who does all the cooking at home (my husband is a cook for whole foods. doesn’t mean he helps out here, though) to put all her ingredients into the tracker and then come up with a calorie count for the -entire meal-. Then I get to decide how much a serving is. Woooo~ I love it already.

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