SO! I need to get out of my exercise slump so I’ve decided that I need to do *something*. I don’t care what it is. Anything that gets me moving. I was going to head to the gym but for some reason going to the gym is so unappealing. It actaully stresses me out, kind […]

I have found that all that shimmers in this world is sure to fade.

Good morning. Yawn. Stretch. TOM came this morning. Better now then on Saturday. At least by Saturday it will be day four and practically gone already with any luck. Work today is 9 – 5. After work I’m going to the gym for a good 45 minute – 1 hour work out. I’ll do a […]

Just keep on keepin’ on =P

Today I went for my test appointment at a Geico calling center. I passed all tests except for the personality test. How? I have no idea. I did not pass it, though. Which means I cannot retake the test for another six months. She strongly recommended me taking the test again because I passed the […]

I love him.

We finally came out and said it. Last weekend was the wedding and at the perfect moment he just came out and said it. We were dancing at the reception to Over The Rainbow and laughing with eachother. I looked up. He looked down and he said “I love you, Nikki.” I bowed my head […]